Who in the world would knowingly apply products to their skin that contained toxic chemicals which were known to have harmful effects?

If you knew that something could cause skin or breast cancer, affect your reproductive system and therefore your fertility, cause skin problems, headaches, fatigue and a whole host of other problems would you put it onto your skin?

Yet this is what many people do on a daily basis when they use their skincare products because they are totally unaware of what is in them and the effects they could have. Maklon Kosmetik We are faced with a vast array of beautifully packaged products and a barrage of adverts on television and in magazines telling us that each product will make us look more beautiful. Who wouldn’t want that? But what you don’t realize is that these products contain a mixture of synthetic chemicals that are toxic and can cause us a whole host of problems.

The moisturiser that you apply onto your skin is absorbed into your skin. You see it happening. You rub it in and it disappears. Where? It is absorbed into your bloodstream. So whatever you put onto your skin goes into your body. And you are applying that on a daily basis along with other products so that the toxic synthetic chemicals build up in your system.

That is why you should choose certified organic skincare.

That way you are guaranteed that the product is completely free of synthetic chemicals.

The word “organic” can be used if a product has some natural substance somewhere in it. So it can be called organic and yet still contain synthetic chemicals. It’s the same for the words natural and safe. These terms have been used for products which when you look at the ingredients list actually contain a high proportion of synthetic chemicals which are toxic. Not all organic products are the same. The only way to ensure that you are not putting synthetic chemicals onto your skin is to choose certified organic skincare from a reputable company. To be called certified organic a product has to pass stringent criteria as specified by governments and certifying bodies.

When you choose certified organic skincare products you are absorbing natural substances that will work with your body to promote good health and without any harsh effects. The ingredients in certified organic skincare products will not strip your skin of natural oils nor dry it out. They are much more gentle and they will nourish your skin. You are putting ingredients onto your skin that are good enough to eat and your whole body will benefit, not just your skin. If you put good quality ingredients onto your skin you will help it to re-generate.

Since I started using certified organic skincare products my face has felt much softer. No tightness or greasiness. My skin has looked more glowing. Not only is your skin moisturised but it is better protected from the effects of the sun or wind and ageing. Certified organic skincare is brilliant for anyone with sesnsitive skin because of the natural and pure ingredients. You won’t get the allergic reactions that synthetic chemicals can cause. For anyone who has ever suffered from eczema or skin rashes or redness or irritation then certified organic skincare should help this.

Certified organic skincare products smell and feel different to ordinary skincare products – even the very expensive ones. It is really only by experiencing them for yourself that you will see the difference they can make. There are no artificial colours or fragrances in them. It is all natural and good for you.