Choosing a career path is one of the most challenging decisions you might ever make. You’re essentially planning how your life will play out, and it’s not a decision to make lightly. Many industry opportunities can present themselves, but one may pique your curiosity more than others. Cybersecurity might be worth a closer look, and here’s why:

Job Opportunities

One of the first things you might notice when you study cyber security online is how many job opportunities exist in this field. As technology advances, security risks can increase, and businesses want to protect their assets at all costs.

A significant shortage of cybersecurity professionals means that you may have no problems securing a role in your preferred line of work after completing your studies. Further education to become a penetration tester or security architect might even see you more in demand, allowing you to enjoy competitive salaries and other benefits.

Excellent Salary

Regardless of whether you’ve only just graduated or you now have experience under your belt, you can expect a salary reflective of the skills shortage in the United States and elsewhere in the world. An entry-level cybersecurity analyst can earn an average of $70,000.

As you gain more experience, it’s highly likely that you can begin to earn upwards of $80,000 and even over $120,000 in states like New York. Once you start specializing in a particular field, your salary potential may grow even further.

Workplace Variety

One of the most prominent benefits of a career in cybersecurity is being able to choose the industry you prefer to work in. Most medium and large businesses require someone to assist with their cyber needs, which means you aren’t limited to one particular business model or industry.

You might start small in retail or a specific IT role, or you might eventually build up enough experience to work as a consultant or join a unique industry like aerospace and defense.

Growth Potential

When you work in the same job day in, day out, for several years, it can start to feel like you’re stagnating in your role. Job dissatisfaction can be a genuine reality, which might leave you questioning whether a career change is in your future.

However, a career in cybersecurity might be worth exploring for this very reason. With so many specialties to explore, there’s continual room for growth to enjoy variety in your everyday work.

Employers are always looking for security architects, consultants, engineers, analysts, and more. Upskilling when you already have a cyber background may also be much more straightforward than you think.

Job Satisfaction

If you’re the type of person who loves to be challenged and do something different every day, you might be satisfied with your career path when you study cybersecurity. With technology changing all the time, and new challenges presenting themselves, you may always feel fulfilled in a role that’s continually evolving.

Even though deciding on a new career path can be daunting, it can be worth looking at your options to set you up for success. With job opportunities, satisfaction, growth potential, and a healthy salary, there’s every reason to believe you can turn a passion for technology into a long-term, worthwhile career that sets you up for life.

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