Electric shavers are getting more popular than simple razors. Customers find this option easier to use and with less irritation and skin damage. The businesses that deal in beauty products, or shaving products in bulk should add them to their stock. These are necessary to maintain a stock of electric shavers to meet the demand of customers.

Well, there are several suppliers present in the market to serve such customers. Mostly it is difficult to identify the real and authentic suppliers or electric shavers. We are here to provide some knowledge about getting the best stock of electric shavers in bulk.

We have some tips to determine the quality of shavers and then have enlisted some effective options to buy them in bulk.

Tips to Buy the Quality Electric Shavers

Following are some points that make an electric shaver’s quality up to mark.

  • Types of electric shavers: there are two types of electric shavers available: rotary and foil electric shavers. Both give a perfect shave but the rotary electric shavers are easier. But for business purposes, these are both types of shavers as per customer demand.
  • LED and LCD interference: LED or LCD assistance make the electric shaver more effective in results. Well, there are additional features that are getting popular day by day.
  • The corded and cordless feature: Cordless electric shavers are a more advanced feature in electric shavers. So, give more attention to cordless shavers as they have higher demand.
  • Cost Factor: For bulk, purchasing cost is something that determines the profit ratio of the business. So, confirm the supplier is charging reasonable prices for the electric shaver.

Online Options to Buy Electric Shavers

1.      FESCO Distribution

FESCO is the trusted name of distributors because of their decades of experience. They have the wide range of consumer electronics. Under the head of personal care products, they have electric shavers. Their wide variety will be helpful to find electric shavers of every type and brand.

2.      DHgate.com

DHgate is one of the leading online platforms as they are serving more than 222 countries. In their huge listing of 22illion products on their website. They have a complete variety of electric shavers. These shaving products in bulk are accessible at competitive prices.

3.      BeauteTrade.Com

Beaute Trade is a USA-based online platform for business-to-business dealings. Unlike the other platforms, they only deal in beauty-related products. So, their electric shavers are included in this list. Electric shavers with top brands are available

4.      EC21.Com

EC21.com is another online business-to-business platform to facilitate bulk customers. This name is facilitating the suppliers and buyers all over the world. They deal in almost every category of products and their huge catalog contains 7milion products. Businesses can buy Shaving products in bulk from this platform.

5.      Amazon

Amazon is a well-familiar name for wholesale buying and selling. This platform is more convenient for small business establishments. They deal in all kinds of products and facilitate their customers that they need for wholesale business. The customers can buy every type of electric shaver with a few clicks on their website.

6.      Other Online Wholesale Platforms

Like the above options, there are many other online wholesale platforms. These are designed with the purpose of connecting the suppliers and buyers with each other. Customers who want to buy shaving products in bulk can get all of these by joining such an online wholesale platform.

We have only provided you with the essential knowledge about buying shaving Products in Bulk. But the Final decision will be yours. Here is another suggestion to make your decision more effective. For this you must visit as many platforms as you can. Then critically review them all and select the one that is providing the best facilities.

What do you think of which type of electric shavers are top-selling?  Do you have any name of an online wholesale platform for buying wholesale shaving products? Please share it and provide assistance to other with your experience.

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