The value that women bring in any industry is praiseworthy. A mortgage is also one such industry where the value women bring to the table is appreciated by lenders, brokerages, and clients. Their exemplary leadership skills, financial acumen, and empathetic approach have brought a drastic transformation in the mortgage industry and encouraged other women to pursue a career in it. One such empowering woman is Veronica Love, the Senior Vice President of TMG The Mortgage Group. Veronica is truly one of the most passionate and giving members within the Canadian mortgage brokering and real estate landscapes. Throughout the past 16 years, she has held various progressive roles within mortgage brokering and real estate industries where she continues to leave a positive impression for her industry efforts as well as selfless community service and monetary donation/volunteer work.

Debbie and Grant Thomas founded TMG The Mortgage Group 31 years ago. The company has grown to 1050 plus agents from coast to coast across Canada. It strives to maintain a respected reputation with lenders and clients as leading-edge mortgage experts who deliver on the company’s Vision + Values. Veronica joined TMG in April 2019, and since then, she has been instrumental in the milestones achieved by the company.

A famous quote by a South African Anglican cleric and theologian, Desmond Tutu, states “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Veronica loves this quote and passionately inculcates it in her leadership approach.

Celebrating Highs and Boosting Each other during Lows

Veronica believes that it is 100% imperative to have a positive culture in the organization. There is a reason TMG The Mortgage Group can confidentially use the hashtag #TMGFamily. Even with the growth the company has experienced, it bridges the gap across Canada, so its agents get to know each other and support each other. It does this through virtual meetings and virtual awards.

Moreover, Veronica’s team conducts mastermind sessions, which they all call BrainTrusts, with a mix of agents from different provinces at different levels in their careers. The company also fundraises for amazing causes like the Breakfast Club of Canada to unite everyone in TMG for giving back. Then, it also organizes fun in-person events like its annual TMG Summit Conference, where everyone reunites in-person to learn from each other and guest speakers. In addition, it also hosts holiday parties, summer fun events like bowling days, costume-theme parties, paintball outings, and even does blood drives together competing against different regions to help support its communities. Veronica asserts, “Working in the mortgage industry can be like riding a rollercoaster. There are highs and lows – not often are you coasting. We look after each other. We celebrate the highs and boost each other during the lows. That is key to our 31-year culture and why we feel like family.”

Utilizing Technology to Fund Mortgages Faster and Easier

Veronica further mentions that when the pandemic hit, TMG adapted quickly. It hosted over 1000 hours of virtual training in the first year and had continued to offer education weekly to its agents. As a result, its agents are funding more business than ever. Each month has been record-breaking months for TMG The Mortgage Group. TMG agents are experiencing higher commissions than ever and are utilizing TMG’s proprietary technology to fund mortgages faster and easier for their clients than ever before.

Moreover, TMG developed a deal processing system called Hurricane, which allows its agents to collect documentation virtually and package deals more efficiently for its lender partners. Its agents have increased their usage of its CRM, monthly newsletters, and stay-in-touch campaigns and have embraced the customized marketing its marketing department offers. As a result, the company is connecting to more clients and referral partners than ever before and making it quicker for them to have their mortgages processed.

Raising Funds for Amazing Causes and Educating People in Process

When it comes to giving back to the community, Veronica stands tall. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, she embraces it head-on. She enjoys meeting great people, bringing people of similar interests together, raising funds for amazing causes, and educating people in the process. She’s always amazed at the generosity of those in her circle when she embraces various causes.

Since 2003, Veronica has supported Women’s Shelters. She helped build the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, deciding through some of her own childhood struggles that this was a cause she wanted to support. She has been a monthly donor to a few shelters for years as a result.

Veronica has been a member of the Rope for Hope Toronto Make-A-Wish event committee, helping to put together the huge fundraising Toronto event. Since 2015, Veronica has been the Team Captain for the Women Wish Granters Team, which has raised more than $180,000 for Make-A-Wish. A top fundraiser for the annual Toronto event, Veronica has singlehandedly raised $37,000 of that total!

Veronica has encouraged many women in the industry to join her for this rappel down prominent buildings in Toronto – the highest rappel being 35 stories! Each year, she raises funds through social media and often even at events. She even dedicated her 40th birthday party to it with tickets for raffles and a silent auction!

In 2016, Veronica raised more than $1,500 for One Walk to help conquer cancer for Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, walking the required 25K.

Veronica is also on a mission to be a 100-time donor to Canada Blood Services. She donates as often as she’s allowed.

This past year, she joined 100 Brokers Who Care as a donor and voting member, dedicating gifting to families in need across Canada.

Veronica’s full list of ongoing community service efforts is too extensive to list in full.

Having Confidence and Being Open to Ask

Veronica believes that there has never been a better time for women to be in the mortgage industry. To emerging women leaders in the mortgage industry, she says, “Lenders and brokerages alike are valuing the leadership and sales skills that women offer and support their voice on panels, in boardrooms, and especially with clients. Clients appreciate the authentic, caring, and educational approach many women offer.” Therefore, she encourages women to know their worth, have confidence in themselves, and ask. “Those that ask for business receive.  Those who hold back don’t,” she adds.

Respecting the Transparency and Efficiency

In conclusion, Veronica mentions that TMG has a solid 30 plus year foundation. Lenders and insurers partners respect the transparency and efficiency it brings to them. Brokers and agents are looking for full-support brokerages, and that is what TMG offers. This is just the beginning. The past three years have been the fastest-growing yet. TMG will continue to offer its agents training so they can do more with less effort, support to remove obstacles and help fund files, a family-like environment for them to feel a part of a community they can benefit from, and ensure transparency in commissions while negotiating the best offerings for them and their clients.

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