Pursuing a degree in Fashion Design can open many doors in your life. It is a great chance to learn many hands-on skills and meet great and interesting people from so many spheres of life. With the added benefit of many work positions to choose from and many opportunities to travel, it is a life path chosen by many, and not many Fashion Designers complain about their choice. 

Why Choose a Fashion Design School?  

Fashion Design is the art of coming up with creative and unique designs. It relies on coming up with entirely new fashion pieces or adding beauty to existing elements and enriching the vast fashion clothing market. The best fashion design school will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you may need to pursue your career in fashion fully. They will make the creativity in you bloom so that you can show the world what you’ve got.

Some other benefits of studying in a Fashion Design School are:

  • A  sense of self-accomplishment – every piece has your name on it,
  • You  could be self-employed – many fashion designers choose to become
  • entrepreneurs and have a voice and a market share of their own,
  • The  job is fun – sure there is stress, like in other jobs, but here  you CHOOSE, and
  • you are in charge of the whole production process,
  • Good  Income – you can make decent money designing clothes. Many fashion  designers choose to have their clothing store one day to boost their  income and provide a chance for their buyers to experience the brand  in person,
  • Traveling  – fashion design does not only happen in your studio. New York,  Paris, and London are the capitals of fashion with their fashion  shows.

Am I the Right Person to Study in a Fashion Design School?

If you are:

  • Young  and full of creativity,
  • Communicative  and open-minded,
  • An  avid traveler and like to experience novelties,
  • Love  clothes, arts, and shopping,
  • Ready  to work long hours to make a name for yourself, and
  • Mesmerized  by high-end brands

then you may be the right person to study in a fashion design school.

If you would like to apply, make sure that you waste not a minute. Many prospective students make early applications, and you should be no exception here. Writing an application and a cover letter to include is not an easy task, so we asked Top Writers Review and found out that they also do cover letters and help with your school application. Make sure that nothing is left untouched in your application and secure a spot for you early on.

The 10 Best Fashion Design School in the World

So, what are the best fashion design schools? If you would like to become a fashion designer, read about how to become a luxury fashion designer and decide which of the following 10 schools would be the best fashion design school for you. We’ve assembled the list based on several metrics, such as the branding of the school, the courses, and the overall satisfaction of their alumni.

  1. London  College of Fashion, London
    With an impressive list of alumni, Jimmy Choo being one of them, this fashion design school offers great modules. Fashion marketing, merchandising, design courses, and design journalism are some of them.
  2. Istituto  Marangoni International, Milan
    Italy is a well-recognized country in the fashion field, so studying at this Fashion Institute is a sure way to go. Here, you can study fashion design, brand management, promotion, and business.
  3. Bunka  Fashion College, Tokyo
    Bunka Fashion College is reserved for those with a good understanding of Japanese. It offers courses in fashion technology, marketing accessories and of course fashion design.
  4. National  Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, India
    This Fashion Institute has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Now they boast a large student body enrolled in seven Bachelor programs and three Master programs.
  5. Fashion  Institute of Technology (FIT), New York
    The Fashion Institute of Technology offers programs in fashion marketing, business, styling, and design. They also feature a fashion museum in school.
  6. Parsons  School of Design, New York
    The Parsons School of Design in New York offers programs in fashion studies, marketing, and fashion design. They have an impressive list of alumni who may still show up and do a workshop at school.
  7. Westphal  College of Media Arts & Design at Drexel University,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    This great college boasts studies at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Their strength is working in small groups and a hands-on approach to learning. Remember to be the best of your group you need to work hard but also be creative in your own way. When you do something, you should look for inspiration from others but avoid copying. For example, you can look at Let’s Grade It to learn which plagiarism detection tools to use and you can read about how to approach only the best writing result if your studying needs writing assignments.
  8. School  of Arts, Design and Architecture – Aalto University, Espoo, Finland
    This amazing school has several areas of interest besides fashion. If you are interested in filmography, photography, and architecture besides fashion management and design, this is the place for you.
  9. Central  Saint Martins, London
    Central Saint Martins in London, UK, is a fashion design school that offers a variety of programs. Fashion, textile design, and jewelry design are some of the programs which you can take at this school.
  10. Savannah  College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia
    SCAD offers a positive and supportive environment to its students. They bring together alumni, the staff, and students to come up with creative fashion design solutions.

Final Thoughts

If you are creative, open-minded, and like to travel, then a Fashion Designer career may be the right career path for you. It can open many doors in your life, make you meet so many interesting people, and give you a chance to work with like-minded people. If you think you are the right person for this job, contact these 10 Fashion Design schools and make your application early!

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