Three Ways to Design a Successful Plastic Coupon Card

Coupons have been around for a hundred years. They were first widely used in the early 1900s when shoppers would use scissors to cut out coupons from newspaper ads and then redeem them at grocery stores for a discount on a purchase. The coupon’s function has changed over the past century from being a way to get discounts when buying goods to becoming an advertisement tool when given away free with products. There has even been a surge in coupon card usage in recent years, whose advantages include carrying multiple cards in one compact package and having no need for paper or ink. These benefits make plastic cards easier to transport and more environmentally friendly than traditional paper coupons. What is the right design? There are three major elements:

  • Message: The card’s message should be simple and direct. The best way to accomplish this is with a clear call-to-action that makes it easy for the shopper to quickly identify the purpose of the coupon and how it can be used. Photos give your visual design appeal and help reinforce the message you want to convey, so include them whenever possible.
  • Visual: A clean, uncluttered visual presentation will ensure that your text is easy to read and understand so that shoppers won’t misinterpret what your product offer is. Most plastic coupons will have an area where images are allowed – maximize this space by including high-quality photos of your brand or products; this helps establish immediate recognition in consumers’ minds while reinforcing why they should consider using your coupon.
  • Brand: Your brand is how others perceive you and your business – including your logo and color scheme is the way to maintain a corporate identity while implementing a more professional overall look for your coupons. A strong, consistent identity will hold up even if the Plastic coupon card gets bent or dirty.

Designing a successful coupon card is the key to making your marketing campaign effective. By putting careful thought into each of its elements, you can make sure that you present an image that will inspire people to act.