Are you thinking of a new career or changing the type of work you are doing? Then the gambling industry in New Zealand is ready to sort all of your employment needs. The gambling industry in New Zealand has been contributing greatly to the national economy for quite a long period of time since the legalization of gambling-related activities.

The industry which has tremendously grown has been employing citizens and foreigners who have been working around the clock just to ensure services are well received by punters from all corners of the country.

Employment and Gambling Niche in New Zealand

Due to the increased popularity of gambling-related activities, the gambling industry is currently one of the best employers in the country. The sector which is well known for the good employment terms it offers its employees has attracted many across the nation. You can visit to get full information about the different jobs available including top casinos which are well-paying.

The niche which has attracted many has some significant effects on the economy as stated earlier, the great impact is felt in the Tourism sector where New Zealand is one of the best gambling destinations.

The Most Popular Job Offers

I have categorically analyzed the most popular jobs here so that you get a clear picture of what the industry is offering. There is a great need to know and understand the type and nature of the jobs you are applying for.


You will require good mathematical skills and interpersonal skills to qualify for this specific job. The main responsibility of this job is to deal with cards for table and card games or helping players with slot machines and other casino games. This very job is available in both online and land-based casinos, for online casinos, the live dealer is always present in the studio either helping other players or playing against other online punters. Having enough experience with this job puts you at a good point to get a better salary.

Card Room Managers

This is a pure example of a land-based casino job. This job does not require any academic qualifications for one to work instead good communication skills are key in performing this job. The Card Manager is responsible for handling any arising issue or problem in any of the casino games and the issue may not be settled by the floor men or pit managers.

Customer support agent

You only require a high school diploma, good verbal and written communication skills, and proficiency in software solutions. More relevant skills include good exposure to phone systems and a nice sales experience. You can be employed to work on either offline or NZ-based online casino operators on the Internet. A customer support agent is responsible for answering all the questions that players might pose and resolve any problem related to the services, payments, games and products offered by the casino.

Having patience and tolerance can help a great deal in handling this job as if not enough knowing more than one language is an added advantage to anyone applying. Other specific tasks include providing online support via live chat or email, offline support through the phone and VIP support of the high rollers.

Affiliate Manager

Starting with the Academic requirements this job requires a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing to be an affiliate manager. The job is specifically for the online gambling sector and requires that the manager to specifically market the casino brand. Affiliate managers are required to create useful advertising campaigns that will definitely attract more people to the gambling site.

Other key duties include overseeing all affiliate campaigns, managing the affiliate budget and developing effective marketing strategies. One great challenge with the job is that it requires a working experience of about three years for you to work effectively.

Fraud Manager

The job type is available in land-based and online gambling sectors. Basically, you are required to process a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting to effectively handle this type of work. Fraud managers are responsible for fighting financial crimes associated with gambling. This also includes monitoring financial transactions and keenly evaluating the accounting part so as to identify any illegal activities. The job equally requires you to have strong communication skills, good organization and sharp mathematical ability to help you note any slight variations.

Marketing Manager

This is one of the casino jobs that has got an excellent future. One basic requirement with this type of job is that you need to have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in marketing or business administration. In addition to this, you also require possessing good management and leadership skills, computer skills and presentation skills. You should be aware of the latest techniques such as gamification and how to use it to improve your business.

Your main work shall be to conduct market research, assess demand for different games and find a way of reaching the audience in a friendly and highly presentable manner. In addition to this, marketing managers are required to create brand awareness through newsletters, bonuses, and promotions among others.


New Zealand’s gambling industry is one of the top employing industries in the country which has contributed a lot to the country’s GDP. All these are as a result of the conducive trading environment that is available in the country. Feel free to visit the mentioned site and go through the list of possible casino jobs available.

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