Mobile banking is a service that has been made available to small business owners with the advent of smartphones. Communication with the bank provided access to accounts, operations, and other types of financial activities of the enterprise.

No matter what the size of the company, banks offer different types of applications for different forms of companies. The system is constantly being improved, new payment methods are being added, functions that can be used on any mobile and stationary device. At the same time, you do not need to know how are mobile banking apps developed. Your bank takes care of functionality, reliability and security. It remains for you to receive all the benefits from use. Let’s talk about them further.

Deposit checks

If the activity of the enterprise involves the work of employees outside the office, such payment will be the best option. The specialist who went to the client scans the check, and the payment is instantly credited to the company’s account.

Due to the fact that mobile banking allows the use of paper checks, the movement of funds through the company’s accounts is faster, while the collection fees are reduced. Payment is made immediately after the delivery of the product or service, and not within 30 days, as it happened before.

Credit and debit card transactions

Remote Fees” or “Remote Fees” refers to credit and debit card transactions. Payment is carried out with two touches: swiping your finger across the screen and fixing an electronic signature. The money is debited from the payer’s account and sent to the recipient electronically. This happens almost instantly, and there is no need to wait for deposits.

Verification of checks that have been deposited

The system stores images of deposited and canceled paper checks. A few clicks are enough to view them. This allows you to control the balance on the company’s account. The system for monitoring remote payments and deposits has a customization function that allows you to view paper receipts deposited by employees outside the office – service teams, sales managers, the team working at the exhibition stand. Thus, you always have access to all the data on the checks, the money for which was credited to the accounts.

Account balance check procedure

How to check the balances on the accounts of the company? The data is available in the account control panel. It is enough to enter the panel and they become available. For more detailed information on the accounts of your company, you will have to contact the bank branch that serves you. Do not remember the schedule of his work, manager’s data, look in the mobile banking application on your smartphone. Mobile banking is a great opportunity to increase your productivity.

Track your transactions

You can check all account movements on our mobile application or website. Take advantage of this opportunity in or out of the office, no matter where you are, information is always available to you.

You can accept and confirm payments, which allows you to meet your financial obligations. With the help of mobile banking, you can make any transactions with company accounts, pay bills, and receive money from customers, which greatly simplifies financial activities.

Make transfers between accounts

Now you do not need to be constantly near a stationary computer. You don’t have to walk around with a laptop and search for internet access. You can control all banking and financial processes from your smartphone. You can receive and transfer funds between your accounts and to the accounts of your partners and clients. If you want to keep money in interest-bearing accounts as long as possible, take this opportunity.

A mobile app is a good start

Access to mobile banking through the app is a great opportunity to do business. Your banker will tell you how to download and use the app. The appearance of a shortcut with the banks logo on the smartphone screen means that the application has been downloaded. To enter the system, one touch to this icon is enough. With this application you can carry out all operations, transfers, payments, payment methods. It doesn’t matter where you are, the main thing is not to leave the service region.

Individual entrepreneurs and international corporations can use mobile banking with equal success. Mobilizing banking services is a great opportunity to quickly solve financial problems for businesses of all sizes.

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