Understanding the Beale Ciphers or Papers

The Beale ciphers are essentially a three ciphertext set. One of these ciphertexts is believed to state the location of some buried treasure, a treasure of gold, silver, and jewels, whose values, as of January of 2018, were estimated at over $43 million.

Like we have mentioned, it is a set of three ciphertexts. The first cipher, which is still unsolved, tells of the location of the treasure inquest, the second content of the treasure is solved and the third is as well unsolved. In the content of the second and third parts of the ciphertexts, you will find the list of names of the treasure owners and they’re next of kin.

The story of these ciphertexts comes from a historical pamphlet, dating back to the year 1885, which details a treasure that was buried by one man, Thomas Beale at a clandestine location in the county of Bedford, Virginia. What then followed the burying of the treasure box by Beale was him entrusting the box wherein was the encrypted message to one Robert Morris, an innkeeper, before, he Thomas Beale, finally went missing never to be seen again. The story goes that 23 years later, the innkeeper to whom the box containing the encrypted message was entrusted opened it and then decades later he handed over the ciphertexts to a friend of his before he also passed on. This friend of his to whom the texts were handed sent another twenty-three years trying to solve the puzzle and only managed to solve the part that pointed to the general details of the coded message, that which gave the general details of the treasure that was buried and some generalities of its location. It is this unnamed friend who finally published the pamphlet, giving the ciphertexts and this publication was advertised for sale in the 1880s.

Ever since the publication of his pamphlet in the 1880s as we have mentioned above, there have been a lot of efforts to decode the texts and the message in the Beale papers but none of these attempts has made any success. Much or other all of these attempts have been efforts in futility. By and large, failure has been what all who have tried to solve this puzzle have met all along in their attempts to find the Beale Treasure.

Thanks to these, there have been such thoughts that the whole story is a prank. But all said and done, still, this quest to America’s most mysterious code still lives on and the dream is still quite livid in many hearts and minds. With its worth now valued at more than $60 million dollars, you can see the reason behind its ever-rising popularity. Follow us here on this website for more on what you can do for you to solve this puzzle and probably hit the jackpot of a lifetime. Forget the naysayers and follow the quest of many looking forward to making a mark in the history of this great pursuit. Find out more on this site.

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