Standing out on LinkedIn is hard, especially if you’re vying for a dream job. The more professional your LinkedIn profile looks, the better chance you will be hired or at least bagging that interview. One way to do this is with a LinkedIn banner. This blog post will walk you through how to create one using Venngage’s free online tools and tips so that it stands out from the rest of LinkedIn’s users!

LinkedIn Banner Tips

LinkedIn is a professional space; use it to your advantage. Keep it clean and simple. Make sure you always check LinkedIn’s logo guidelines before uploading one of their banners so that you don’t get taken down! They are very strict about this. Don’t forget what job title or company name goes where either because LinkedIn will show that off to the public. LinkedIn banners should be 1000 x 20 pixels, which is large enough for most users to see clearly on their computer screens or mobile devices!

LinkedIn Banner ToolsDon’t forget to also read up on the best practices for LinkedIn background and a LinkedIn background banner that’s engaging. Take advantage of text overlays when creating a LinkedIn banner so that its message pops out at LinkedIn users viewing your banner. Try to include a brief message telling LinkedIn visitors what you do or why they should hire you.

To make sure that your LinkedIn is as professional as possible, Venngage has made it easy for people with no design experience to create their own LinkedIn banners by creating a free LinkedIn banner maker. LinkedIn banners created using Venngage are 1000×200 pixels which LinkedIn users can easily view from their computers or mobile devices!

Give LinkedIn users a reason to click on your banner by including some relevant text that will make them want to learn more about you. If they like what they see, LinkedIn visitors can then go straight from your LinkedIn banner and onto your LinkedIn profile (linked back in Venngage), where they can view even more information about you!

If creating LinkedIn banners is not for you at all – no problem. There are plenty of other ways you could be making money online while staying within the realm of LinkedIn without having to create or design anything yourself- with just a few clicks of a button with this free tool.

Creating a LinkedIn Banner with Venngage

To get started, just select an image file (such as a company logo) and drag it onto either design page available for use within each LinkedIn banner maker. If no images show up when selecting dropdown menus, try refreshing. Next, just pick the background color and image of choice, then upload any text onto it using our online tools! You can resize them however you want to, so there are endless possibilities when designing one yourself from scratch.

You can also find LinkedIn banners on Venngage for any LinkedIn user’s profile. This is an excellent idea if you want matching LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook cover photos or YouTube thumbnails!

Here are some LinkedIn banners that people have already created:

So there you go; now you know how LinkedIn banners work and how you can go about creating one yourself. LinkedIn has tons of users, so it’s worth putting some time into perfecting your LinkedIn banner to make sure all of the necessary information is easy for potential employers or customers alike to find!

LinkedIn banner links back to LinkedIn profile URL by clicking “Link To Your Profile” in Venngage’s LinkedIn banner maker. This way, you can put all of your information onto one platform rather than having it split up between multiple platforms, thus saving time and money! There are tons of tutorials online showing people how they can link their LinkedIn banners with other social media sites using if you are interested in doing this. LinkedIn banner links back to LinkedIn profile URL by clicking “Link To Your Profile” in Venngage’s LinkedIn banner maker.


A LinkedIn banner should stand out from the rest and remain professional not to scare away potential employers! LinkedIn is a great place to display your LinkedIn banner because it has over 500 million users, making LinkedIn banners highly effective when used correctly. Give LinkedIn visitors a reason to click on your LinkedIn banner by adding relevant text and ensuring that the color scheme you choose for LinkedIn banners compliments one another. Hence, they stand out from other LinkedIn banners!

You can create a LinkedIn banner of your own without too much difficulty – just follow the steps listed here for ease of use of Venngage banners along with some tips on what makes an effective LinkedIn banner so that employers will be able to find out more about who is behind them.

Free LinkedIn backgrounds, pre-made templates, and a variety of LinkedIn cover images are pretty good reasons to make use of Venngage’s banner maker rather than creating one from scratch. Not to mention, LinkedIn banners can be a great addition to LinkedIn profiles and definitely help in the long run when it comes to standing out on LinkedIn!

Start creating your LinkedIn banners with Venngage today!

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