When it comes to oil pipelines, it seems that the American people really haven’t lost that loving feeling after all, according to new research conducted by Wakefield on behalf of the Association of Oil Pipe Lines (AOPL).

AOPL’s new data suggests that oil pipelines have a 70% approval rating, despite the hoopla surrounding many of the pipelines that would lead one to believe that Americans are fed up with fossil fuel’s safest and most economical transportation mode.

That approval rating is higher than the maximum approval rating of President Biden, President Trump, or President Obama.

As it turns out, the American people seem to understand that right now, pipelines are the safest, most economical way to transport fossil fuels. And they are not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

That’s despite the appearance in the media that most people are behind President Biden’s cancellation decision of the Keystone XL. And it’s despite the protests at various oil pipeline sites throughout the United States, including the protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline a few years ago that monopolized news headlines.

Other than finding that 70% of all Americans have a “positive impression” of pipelines, the study found the intensity of support to be increasing.

But that’s not to say that Americans are unconcerned with climate change—they are. According to the poll, 68% of all Americans reported steady concern over the past year. But, as one might assume if left unattended, Americans are also concerned with how a climate change battle might affect their utility bills and steady supply of electricity.

As far as concerns go, the study found that Americans rank safety, affordability, and reliability as the three most important aspects of energy.

The survey also found that ultimately, Americans feel that canceling oil pipelines is not a good way to combat climate change, and oppose measures that would see oil and gas jobs cut.

By Julianne Geiger for Oilprice.com

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