I'm stepping into a leadership role in an academic setting where no project management tools have been used in the past but where I think it could really help our people and teams communicate and work together to accomplish tasks and projects more effectively. I've used Trello (small-group team management) and Todoist (personal task management) in the past, but I'm looking for more to help manage activities of an academic department.

Because price is a significant factor – especially in convincing a resource constrained organization to adopt something never tried before – I've been drawn to Infinity Project Management (StartInfinity.com). They launched about two years ago and have tried to build a flexible tool that provides Kanban, Gantt, calendar, list, table, and other ways to interact with projects and data. I'm generally impressed with how flexible it is to create filtered, individualized views of tasks and data, but they've been slowly adding integrations (e.g., Zapier, Clockify, not much else right now). Their lifetime membership deal intrigues me for its potential value, but the newness of the company/product makes me a little concerned about its staying power.

Does anyone have experience using Infinity? I'd appreciate hearing objective feedback from someone who isn't part of their development team. (I have been impressed with reviews of their recent developments, integrations, and their public roadmap of next steps, but that all comes from their website.) — If you have recent experiencing using Infinity (sometimes called Start Infinity by users), please share!

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