Advantages of Scripture Study

One of the most important ways of promoting your spiritual growth is reading the bible. Scripture study should be your main priority if you are a Christian. However, only a few people do this. Many people do not engage in scripture study because they have busy schedules, they are lazy, they lack motivation among many other reasons. You can study the scripture either at a personal level or in a group of people. Most people who have never participated in scripture study do not know it benefits. It is for this reason that I have deemed it fit to outline some of the benefits of scripture study.

The first benefit of scripture study is that it enables you to identify the truth and know what is false. The people who have taken it upon themselves to spread the word of God are many. However, some of these people deliver false teachings to believers and end up leading them in the wrong way. The believers who believe these preachers and taking their word as it is are many. Scripture study is the only way to know the truth about bible teachings. You get to know what God exactly intends of us by studying the scripture thoroughly.

Over the last couple of decades Times have changed a lot. In recent times a lot of evils and crimes have become rampant. Therefore, do not be surprised if you wind people straying, believing false things and also doing unrighteous things. People who do not discern the right from the wrong are the ones who do such things. Therefore, you should study the bible if you want to live a righteous life as portrayed in the scriptures. Acquiring knowledge and guidance that you need to discern the right from the wrong is best achieved through scripture study.

Also, if you want guidance and counseling you can study the scripture. People are facing a lot of problems nowadays. Financial problems, workplace stress, loss of a loved one, anxiety and depression are some of the causes of the problems. Going through these challenges alone is very difficult for many people. Many people who give and in life and even reach the extent of committing suicide to cite this as the main reason. You can get professional help from counselors. However, the professional help you receive should be complemented with scripture study. You can get guidance and counsel from the numerous stories that are found in the scripture. You can end up becoming a counselor to people who have depression and anxiety issues. Sometimes you might fall into temptation and sin without knowing. The main reason people sin is due to lack of knowledge of God’s intention.

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