Paul Marcantonio: Leading by Example and Remaining Humble

Leaders need to lead from the front to be exemplary. They need to demonstrate the high degree of competence and strong character to gain the trust of others. This in turn helps them to create the best team to achieve the organizational goals. Paul Marcantonio is one such inspiring business leader who strives to lead by example, demonstrate integrity, support others, and at all times he tries to remain humble. He is Executive Director – UK and Western Europe at ECOMMPAY. Paul lives by his own personal values and there are great synergies with the values of ECOMMPAY. That’s why he wanted to join this company.

Being Persistent and Goal-oriented

As for his style of leadership, he thinks it is important to give people the chance to grow, and he expects them to take this opportunity, to evolve not only as professionals but also as individuals. Also, he aims … Read more

Taryn Andersen: Bridging the Gap between Female Tech Entrepreneurs and Investors

The Covid -19 pandemic has caused an evolution in the technology sector, the world was probably in an era of digital transformation but what was going to translate into an evolution of eight to ten years has been carried out in one year. “We can speak that we are in a technological revolution, many new technological tools have arrived to solve a transitory situation, but they have created new habits of life and interaction with the consumer,” says Taryn Andersen. She is the CEO & Co-Founder of Impulse4women.

Taryn believes that the lockdown has caused many consumers to explore new tech applications that will make their life easier. All this has as a result that sectors such as health, gaming, delivery, financial, education etc, become more important than before the Covid-19 for new consumers as well as for investors who already invested in technology. She opines “As an NPO Read more

John Foresi: Leading with Values and Continual Innovation

Great business leaders are driven by core values, and when those values are embraced entirely by an organization, great results are achieved. John Foresi, CEO and Co-Founder of Venterra Realty, a rapidly growing owner/operator of Multifamily rental communities with more than 60 properties across 11 major US cities, founded the company based on 7 Core Values. For John, those include Honesty & Integrity, Humility, a Never-Ending Pursuit of Excellence, Candor & Openness, Unparalleled Service Excellence, Team First, and Prudent Cost Management.

Honesty and Integrity are at the heart of Venterra Realty’s business decisions, ultimately leading to accountability and trust with its employees, residents, and investors. John incorporates Candor and Openness in everything he does and encourages those with whom he does business to follow. Venterra constantly strives to improve and lead the industry, resulting in numerous awards and recognitions – evidence of its commitment to its values, people, customers, … Read more

U.S. Pledges To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Half By 2030

U.S. President Joe Biden has promised to reduce America’s greenhouse gas emissions 50% to 52% by 2030.

The new target more than doubles the country’s previous commitment under the 2015 Paris Climate Accord to cut emissions 26% to 28% below 2005 levels by 2025. The U.S. is not yet halfway to meeting that goal.

Biden’s pledge is in line with what environmental groups and hundreds of executives at major companies have pushed for. The U.S. president plans to announce the target at the global leaders’ climate summit, during which he hopes to urge global cooperation to address the climate crisis.

All 40 world leaders the president invited to the virtual summit will be attending, including those from China and India, and are anticipated to make new commitments as well. The United Kingdom and European Union have committed to slash emissions by 68% and 55%, respectively, by 2030.

China, the world’s … Read more

Airlines across the globe count the £7bn cost of Covid

A slower than anticipated global vaccine rollout and wider failure to get Covid under control will cost airlines $10bn (£7.2bn) more than previously predicted, according to the organisation that represents global airlines.

The warning from the International Air Transport Association came as Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary warned on Wednesday there would be “seismic” cut in capacity across the industry due to the pandemic, including up to 25% fewer flights in Europe. O’Leary said travel from the UK to the EU would become more expensive and cumbersome as a result of Brexit, while leisure travel would not return to normal until 2023.

Willie Walsh, the former boss of British Airways’ parent company IAG and new director general of Iata, railed against the cost of the PCR Covid tests now required for air travel, and criticised the government’s decision to charge VAT on the products. The standard VAT rate of 20% … Read more