How the shifting data landscape will re-shape B2B marketing in 2022

Marketers were faced with the loss of cookie data, but this move to a cookie-less world was then postponed. Meanwhile, an increase in ‘opt-out’ legislation, has led to a reduction in the amount of data available to drive B2B marketing strategies and fuel campaigns.

Jon Clarke, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Cyance, a leading provider of European intent data, has reviewed the current landscape and shares his thoughts on how the data landscape will shift in 2022, and how B2B marketers can capitalise.

As the tracking cookie continues to crumble, the big question on marketers minds is ‘what will we do now?’. How are we supposed to understand our customers and future proof our tech stack and marketing strategy?

The good news is, despite all of the change and uncertainty, 2022 will provide plenty of opportunities for B2B marketers to re-define their use of data, driving better engagement with … Read more

Create Your Personal Website

Reporting from the Los Angeles Instances has raised questions about the challenge’s lack of transparency on pricing and preferential treatment for big corporations.

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NASDAQ Flops for 2nd Straight Day

The NASDAQ Composite fell sharply for the second-straight day as higher interest rates appeared to put pressure on high-flying tech stocks, but banks and industrial names moved higher in a split market on Tuesday.

The Dow Jones Industrials took its Wheaties and powered higher 194.55 points to close at 35,813.80.

The S&P 500 index strengthened 7.76 points to 4,690.70

The NASDAQ moved downward 79.62 points to 15,775.14.

Tuesday’s moves come after the market slid into the close in the previous session after the S&P 500 had hit an intraday record earlier in the session.

Social media giant Meta, the parent company of Facebook, fell more than 1%, while Roku slid more than 2% and biotech stock Moderna dropped more than 4%. Shares of Zoom Video Communications tumbled 17% a day after it beat earnings estimates but warned of a slowdown ahead as the Covid pandemic winds down and the demand … Read more