The 1990’s youth culture was strongly shaped by the increasing influence of capitalism and the ongoing concern for environmental protection. Ever the innovators, Tim Boylan and his friend, Dave Highbloom, responded by marrying the practicality of entrepreneurship with their passion for environmentalism. Selling their Human-i-Tees t-shirts out of the trunks of their cars, they were not just responding to the issues of their time but were also planting the seeds of their vision.

The Vision

Tim and Dave understood that a sustainable future required shaping a more efficient yet giving world. Their first step was to use their Human-i-Tees profits to support the youth in their local community as well as national efforts such as Student Environmental Action Coalition, Center for Environmental Education, and Save America’s Forests.

The Spark

In 2010, their paths would cross again in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. Tim had just begun his outsourcing journey in the Philippines while Ben and Dave were establishing careers in healthcare education. As Tim’s first clients, they saw how his unique entrepreneurial spirit and community advocacy translated into a unique value proposition. So, they wanted to collaborate, contribute, and coalesce as a team. After almost a decade, Tim’s clients became his OfficePartners360 (OP360) partners and, together, have transformed their shared vision into the reality embodied by more than 3,000 employees today.

Simplicity is Golden

That mantra ‘simplicity is golden’ has served as the foundation of OP360. Keeping OP360 grounded in the golden triangle of customer, culture, and continuous improvement, Tim and his partners have reimagined a business model where outsourcing is made personal. Focusing on these core elements enabled OP360 with the flexibility to provide intelligent and innovative solutions to all types of clients – regardless of where they are on the maturity scale, what they deliver to their customers, or how they define success.

Its culture and commitment to the community drive an unparalleled ability to hire the best. OP360’s customers benefit from the insight and expertise of deeply experienced BPO and customer experience subject matter experts. OP360’s practice of continuous improvement ensures that both its clients and employees benefit from the most advanced strategies and leadership/growth models, simple, focused elements to resolve complex customer issues.

As CEO and founder of OP360, Tim has been very deliberate in creating impact not only for his clients but also for his employees. From his earlier experiences working with local communities and vulnerable populations, Tim realized the deep correlation between the organizational culture of giving and delivery excellence. Exposing his employees to community service, compassionate relief, and altruistic activities translated into customer experience agents with a deeper empathy, patience, and commitment to issue resolution.

Facing the Pandemic

The global pandemic proved how determined, engaged, and dynamic OP360 employees are in supporting its clients. Despite their challenges, each employee continues to stand by the company’s commitment to growing its clients’ businesses and keeping client operations running smoothly by remaining patient and adaptable to changes in the work environment.

To safeguard the safety and wellness of all employees, OP360’s world-class Business Continuity Team (BCT) implemented business resiliency measures that accommodate the needs of both on-site and remote workers. For employees working on-site, the BCT ensured that all facilities were manned by trained, certified occupational safety, health practitioners, and trained first aiders and stayed in compliance with health regulations and protocols.

The work-from-home employees received corporate telecommuting packages, including wired internet at home. To mitigate service disruptions, OP360’s Resiliency Center served as an emergency work hub. OP360 also provided employment and other economic opportunities to many Filipinos who lost their livelihoods due to the pandemic. As a result, OP360 could scale its operations, unlike some competitors that suffered setbacks.

Employee Wellness Extends Past the Physical

OP360 has always prided itself in how it engrains into its leadership to be mindful of not just their team’s physical health but also to be aware of mental wellness. Each site conducts routine mental health campaigns to promote work-life balance to prioritize employee welfare and holistic development. On last year’s World Mental Health Day, a virtual event was rolled out for employees and executives to learn effective coping mechanisms from a wellness professional. This year, OP360 aims to further this conversation by creating emotionally safe spaces for remote and on-site employees.

Inclusivity Enables Access to the Best

Having traveled the world and experienced firsthand the impact of diversity, Tim and his leadership team are aware of LGBTQIA+ realities. In June, OP360 observed PRIDE month with a virtual event (Love, Me) celebrating its LGBTQIA+ identifying employees attended by 2000+ participants. It has since started its application to become a member organization to the Philippine Financial and Inter-industry Pride, the largest professional network in the country for the LGBTQIA+ identifying workforce.

These are only the first of many steps that the OP360 team is actively taking to amplify the voices of its diverse workforce. Protecting its most valuable assets – the employees, remains paramount to OP360. Over the last quarter, it launched a vaccination program, Together and for Each Other (in partnership with the local government of Cebu), to vaccinate over 600 employees who had not already received local government vaccinations.

This program brought OP360’s total workplace vaccination rate to 28%, which is higher than the country’s current national average. Further extending this program, OP360 just launched OP360 Junior, providing vaccinations to its employees’ family members and dependents aged 12-17 years old. To inspire others to do their part in protecting lives during these extraordinary times, a continuing story campaign features the narratives of vaccinated employees, highlighting their motivations for getting the vaccine.

360 Degrees

From its roots in environmental awareness to the 3,000+ people-focused BPO, OP360 has taken a passion for community 360 degrees and embedded it into the company’s DNA. But the impact extends well beyond the community as these behaviors become rooted in how its staff engages with customers. The empathy, patience, and understanding translate into OP360’s ability to deliver a superior experience of world-class support driven by proud and deeply loyal employees.

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