It takes various aspects for a business to be successful, and one of those aspects is a streamlined process of financial management. In today’s unprecedented time, organizations have to have their financial strategies planned to help them sustain. It is where the role of financial leaders is crucial as they understand the market’s current needs and can assist in meticulously planning the next move of the organization. Jake Hamlin is one such leader who provides tailored financial advice, customized portfolio management, and impeccable services to his clients and helps them reach their goals. Jake is a Partner and Wealth Advisor at Chicago Capital LLC, where he is focused on the aim and objectives of his clients.

Journey Through Multiple Roles

Jake’s post-college career started in commercial banking, which allowed him to gain experience in multiple finance sectors. He immediately gravitated towards the personal lending and private wealth advisory space.

Jake considers himself a people person and takes great pride in developing relationships. He most enjoyed the consultative nature of his business and recognized early on in his career the need to learn as much about the advisory space as he possibly could.

After taking the step into the wealth advisory space, Jake spent time at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch in portfolio management and new business advisory roles. His goal has been to build an advisory practice focused on simply doing what is best for his clients, doing whatever he can to help them feel comfortable surrounding all aspects of their financial lives. Chicago Capital was the perfect place for Jake to continue building this business as the firm matches his desire to put clients first.

Ethics of Chicago Capital

Jake says, “Chicago Capital was founded on one simple principle: Putting clients first. We provide personalized service to help our clients, who span multiple generations, define their goals.”

Chicago Capital has a straightforward process to understand these goals, develop appropriate recommendations, and help balance the risks and rewards of long-term investments, asset allocation cash flow and financial planning. The firms’ advisors understand that its clients’ goals are unique, and therefore the process by which it helps them achieve these goals revolves around the client.

Soaring in the Industry

Jake states that the firm has historically focused on long-term equity investments. Its Partners have worked together for upwards of 30 years and have maintained this singular focus since its founding.

Chicago Capital’s capabilities and effective use of its global custodial resources allow it to work with many clients, from individuals and business owners to multi-generational families, family offices, and institutions.

Value-Driven Culture

Jake expresses that the advisors at Chicago Capital are civic leaders who have decades of experience helping clients reach their goals and a history of lasting client relationships. Chicago Capital is invested in its clients and community. It has a genuine interest in the causes and organizations that are important to its clients. It has a history of supporting social services and arts organizations with board memberships, financial contributions, and volunteerism.

Technological Offerings

Chicago Capital offers financial planning tools and a portal to its clients for viewing their accounts and statements from any device. Its portfolio management, reporting, trading, and CRM systems help its advisors provide customization of portfolios to fit its clients’ individual preferences and goals.

Preparing for the Big Change

Jakes states that fiduciary responsibility is becoming the investment management industry’s largest and most important focus, and Chicago Capital positioned itself uniquely to capitalize on this change. Its clients expect it to put them first in every situation. This is not always the case with many of its competitors incentivized to sell proprietary products or services or charge out-of-line fees to their customers.

Chicago Capital invests in its clients, services, and people to ensure that it operates only within the bounds of fiduciary responsibility. Putting its clients first remains the most important focus.

Above and Beyond

Jake intends to spend the remainder of his career with Chicago Capital, doing everything he can to help his clients reach their goals. He hopes to take Chicago Capital to the next level by expanding its investment and service offerings, financial planning capabilities, client-facing technology, and broad network recognition. Jakes hopes that potential clients will reach out if they want a true fiduciary in their corner.

Paving the Way

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the Investment Management sector, Jake says, “Building a wealth management business requires individuals to think strategically and independently. There is no shortage of opportunity, and motivated individuals can gain meaningful clients and influence by simply building their network and always maintaining their desire to do what is, and only what is, best for their clients.”

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