Insider.Games is a website created by passionate gamers for people who appreciate video games. Here you will find detailed reviews of the latest releases and timeless classics. Besides the best video games available, you will come across a lot of useful materials for gamers.

  • Gaming devices

The website reviews not only the games but also the best devices on which you can play.

  • E-sports betting

If you are an experienced online gambler or want to try yourself in esports betting, you will find a lot of useful guides here.

  • Tutorials and Walkthroughs

If you want to learn the ins and outs of any game or find a solution for a particular problem, the website has a lot of handy guides.

What is our Mission?

The mission of Insider Games is to tell about video games usefully and comprehensively. We want to make sure that people who enjoy video games will find something new and interesting on our website.

Our main principles are:

  • Make content that we want to see ourselves
  • Provide objective opinion
  • Look for the best

These directives are relevant for all blocks of the website. We want to collect all the information that a modern gamer will need. We also strive to make the navigation on the website intuitive and user-friendly. We aim to make the user’s experience as comfortable as possible.

What’s on Our Website?

Video Games Reviews

This section of the website contains reviews of top video games. We do not limit ourselves to a specific genre, platform, or date of release. Here you can find reviews of games that came out long ago but still keep the bar high, like Spider-Man 3.

Also, we have exclusive materials for upcoming games such as Stalker 2 or a new Battlefield game. You may find a video games review for the platform of your liking.

The section contains reviews for mobile, Pc, console, and cross-platform releases. We also make reviews on online projects such as Warframe or Crossout. Our reviews evaluate the games not as a product but as an experience. Therefore, you may find some new insights on games that were around for quite a while.

Besides, in our reviews, we discover interesting facts about the developers, the history of a game, and more peculiar things that may be useful for gamers.

Gadgets for Gamers

In this section of the website, we gather helpful information about hardware and software for gaming. You can pick a proper gaming mouse and choose the best gaming os for your gaming aims and desires.

This section aims not to promote products but to present viable options for gaming gadgets in an accessible way. We cover all the ranges of the gaming devices, from the budgetary to high-end models.

Here you will find not only the actual product overviews but also general guides on how to choose a gaming device. You will read buying guides for monitors, keyboards, and other periphery gadgets.

Finally, the section contains a list of the best products available on the market at the moment. These include steering wheels, gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, etc. Whatever gamers are looking for in a hardware section, they will find it.

eSports Betting Sites

ESports betting is a relatively new and profitable sphere of cyber-sport. The rules of betting are very similar to regular gambling. However, eSports betting offers more engaging options for your betting.

However, when a person wants to make bets on esports, he or she faces the question: where to begin? The game insider websites give all the necessary information for people who only begin their online betting journey and for experienced gamblers.

First of all, the section contains a list of the best esports betting sites. You may pick from general betting platforms with online gambling options. Otherwise, you may choose a specific online game for gambling.

Besides a regular list of eSport betting sites, the section contains a detailed guide on choosing a proper betting website yourself. It may be difficult to navigate the diverse world of online gambling. Our website provides the necessary assistance and wants to create a positive experience for users.

How to play: Game Tutorials

Game tutorials on Insider games are not simple instructions on how to run the game and how to complete entry tasks. We want to create guides that will help to enjoy a game to its maximum.

We do not limit the guides’ section to a particular platform or genre. Therefore, you can find a GTA tutorial, and a Fallout 2 guide, and much more. The point of the guides is not to spoil the fun of discovery or show the easiest way to beat the game.

We aim to create applicable guidelines and optimal routes of reaching the most interesting game content and possibilities. Even if you are an experienced player, you may find some new tips in the guides section of the website.

The website also has walkthroughs of different games. We stick to the text format due to its utility. Video walkthroughs may be tough to navigate and to find the exact moment where a player might get stuck. Our text guides aim to be detailed enough to be helpful but not to show each inch of the game, leaving space for personal discovery.

Final Words

Insider.Games is a resource that collects all information that a gamer may need. It targets both experienced players who look for fresh impressions and new gamers who look for starting points in the hobby.

The website has information about gaming hardware and software. Gamers will find useful guides on how to choose the best gaming periphery and how to improve the hardware’s performance.

We review all kinds of games: popular and inconspicuous, single-player and online, old and new. You will find unbiased opinions on the latest titles and may discover timeless classics with our reviews.

Finally, we write guides and helpful materials on different topics. You may discover new sides of your favorite hobby with Insider.Games.

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