Dealing with a narrow garden can be difficult at the best of times.

On the one hand, you technically have a fair few square meters at your disposal to do with as you see fit. In addition, the fact that your garden is not particularly huge means maintenance requirements are reduced.

On the other, your options for creating an enjoyable outdoor living space in which to spend time can seem limited. Where a garden is particularly long and thin, some of the features you would like to include may be completely out of the question.

This is precisely where a little creativity and inspired innovation can make all the difference.

The truth is, transforming a narrow garden into something that is both practical and beautifully presented does not have to be difficult. You simply have to adapt the vision in your mind to suit the unique dimensions of your compact outdoor space.

A few ideas for breathing life into a narrow garden, helping you make the most of the space you have available:

Create Asymmetry 

The most obvious approach that comes to mind when styling a narrow garden is to keep things symmetrical and balanced. In reality, doing so will only draw attention to the fact that your garden is a little on the skinny side.

It can be much more effective to style your exterior spaces asymmetrically in order to take attention away from their visible borders and restricted size. For example, something as simple as installing a path to one side of the garden can really make a big difference.

Go Minimal

An important rule of thumb when dealing with limited space, in general, is to keep things as uncluttered as possible. It is the same outdoors as it is indoors – the more stuff you have scattered around the place, the more chaotic, congested, and cramped it looks and feels.

This does not mean you cannot make full practical use of your narrow garden. It simply means focusing primarily on the things you need while cutting back on everything else. Masses of flowers and greenery may be beautiful, but they could also make your garden feel even narrower than it actually is.

Add a Garden Room

In terms of pure practicality, nothing transforms any outdoor space quite like a garden room. Best of all, even the narrowest of gardens can be perfectly compatible with a bespoke outdoor structure. Irrespective of how little space you have to work with, a garden room can be every bit as practical and desirable as a conventional home extension.

Installing a garden room opens the door to limitless possibilities. Set up a comfortable and practical home office, become the envy of your neighborhood with your own private pub, or save a fortune long-term with your own gym. With soundproofing options available, you could even set up the ultimate entertainment space or your own private recording studio.

Install Decking

This is a trick that can have the same desired effect as adopting an asymmetrical approach. It is basically a case of creating levels to bring a multi-dimensional effect to your garden. Something that can be achieved with raised beds and visual features but can be even better with raised decking.

Exterior decking can be customized in gardens of all imaginable shapes and sizes; the perfect place to position your compact bistro dining setup – just the thing for enjoyable afternoons and evenings outdoors.

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