How online offers & coupons are influencing the digital shopping scene in USA       

It was about 134 years ago that Coca-Cola launched the first-ever discount coupon for its customers; the popularity of a discount coupon has only increased since then. Now that shopping has become online and digital, all the online stores and brands depend hugely on discount coupons and vouchers to increase their sales and retail old customers.

So, what exactly are digital coupons?

Digital coupons are those codes, which when used on a particular merchant website, helps you get discount on your purchase of products/services from that particular website. You can get these digital coupons /ecoupons in form of discount vouchers, deals, coupons, etc. You can either find them on a merchant website or get them effortlessly at some known coupons’ aggregator website.

Co-relation- Online Shopping & Digital Coupons

If you go by the research (conducted by Digital Commerce 360), they say that Amazon USA’s business in the first quarter of 2021, saw an increase of 42.3%, as compared to last year’s 1st quarter. Amazon being the largest e-commerce platform working in USA space, surely determines the online business happening in USA.

If we go by the figures, it is clear that the shoppers are moving more-and-more towards online shopping. There are obvious benefits to online shopping, which is why there is a surge in this sector.

  • It is convenient
  • Shopping on the go
  • Browse through immense styles and designs
  • Browse through several dealers/retailers and get the best pick
  • Instant door delivery
  • Easy replacement/ return of unworthy product
  • Get a lot of discounts on shopping from various platforms

We can also be sure of one fact that, there is a two-way correlation between increase in online shopping and increase of online discount coupons. It is because of attractive discount coupons that people are switching to online shopping; and it is because of surge in online shopping, now we see all the brands and e-commerce marketplaces issuing a plethora of discount coupons.

Coupon Types

Downloadable Coupons

You can download these coupons from company’s website, social media websites, etc.

Mobile Coupons 

A lot of e-commerce marketplace have integrated apps as well. There are many coupons and offers that can be accessed only via the mobile app of the particular platform.

Coupon Code

These are unique, one-time usable codes (combination of numbers and alphabets) which are quite easy to use. You can find these codes easily at a coupons’ aggregator website.

Automatic Discounts

Automatic discounts are nothing but discount deals which are again easily available at any known coupons’ aggregator website. If you get a deal link, you just click on the link and reach the merchant website’s page where you can find all the products at a pre-determined discounted price point.

Where to Find Digital Coupons?

Coupons Aggregator Website

It is quite easy to find the right coupons and deals for any online store, provided you are associated with the right coupons’ aggregator website. One website that you can depend upon is CouponzGuru USA. This website is based out in India since 2011 and operates a USA website, especially in this space. You will find a lot of currently applicable discount coupons and deals, for various online stores and product categories, at CouponzGuru USA.

Social Media Pages

You can also check out the social media pages (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc) of various retailers and online market places. These stores often post exclusive discount coupons and deals, at the time of launch of a new product and brand.

Online Communities

You can also join online communities (Like Quora) and find workable coupons getting posted on those forums.

USA Statistics on Coupons

As per research, it is confirmed that more than 70% of adult population of USA, search for a digital coupon, before making any kind of online purchase. In fact, more than 50% of online shoppers (people within the age bracket of 18 to 39 years) consider digital coupons as an important aspect of shopping online. As far as digital coupon apps are concerned, more than half of digital shoppers use a coupons aggregator app to find right kind of digital coupon.

As per another research conducted in a sample group of 1199 people, it was founded that almost 89% of millennial population were open to trying a new product/ a new brand, when they had a discount coupon for that particular product/brand.

Actual Reasons Behind Coupon’s Popularity

  • Every shopper needs to feel that they have got a good bargain on what they have purchased. This is one big psychological reason why discount coupons work without a fail.
  • People like to brag about being a privileged customer to a particular shopping website and gaining special coupons which can be used only by them.
  • Every digital coupon comes with an expiry date. This instils a feeling of urgency inside a customer to make use of the coupon (nobody wants to get the feeling of losing out on a offer!).

Behaviours Related to Coupons

Surveys say that by 2022 the redemption of coupons will surpass $90 billion. This totally means that customers will rely more on shopping online, and the only way to retain a customer will be to make the process of coupon redemption easier and faster.

Coupon redemption is now considered as a big factor in determining the reputation and recognition of any retail brand.

Customers are now used to getting the special treatment in form of ‘first purchase coupons’. Discounts availed in form of privileged incentives are considered a big reason for increased online purchases. In fact, it has become easier to acquire a new customer at a low cost, with the help of discount coupons.

Revenue generated with the help of promotional emails have increased as much as 48%. This has become an important source of delivering customized coupons to esteemed customers. When customer specific discount coupons are hand delivered to customers, there are high chances that they get converted into sales.


We definitely know more about coupons, its types, and how these coupons are changing the face of the online shopping world. As a customer, you should keep an eye on various kinds of discount coupons and deals issued by various online stores and brands, so that you are able to shop more within the specified budget. In coming times, we only expect to see a surge in the frequency and quantity of coupons issued by various brands.