Many businesses are facing an uphill struggle to recover lost ground from the financial blows delivered by the pandemic. Small and large businesses have closed for good or shut outlets, and even major companies have struggled.

As the price of social distancing and lockdowns bites, businesses need to find a way forward. Last year there was a huge increase in web traffic as a direct result of Covid and lockdowns. People were forced to work from home, order food online, and seek out entertainment.

This had the knock-on effect of helping some businesses grow. One area that grew its customer base was online entertainment, and one particular sub-sector of that, online casinos, gained a surprising amount of new customers.

However, it wasn’t just the pandemic that helped online casinos grow, they have been using some other techniques to attract customers for a while and some businesses could learn by studying them. 

Everything is online now

The first and most obvious thing about modern casinos is that they are online. Any business that can offer services or products remotely or by shipping needs a website.

Traditional casinos and other gaming establishments saw a long time ago that the future was digital. Bingo halls have managed to grab new markets just as the traditional brick-and-mortar buildings close down. Sportsbooks online are simpler and easier to access than high street ones, if there are even any left after the pandemic. And, online casinos are available all the time and are welcoming to visitors.

Ecommerce sales were nearly $800 billion in 2020 and that was in the US alone so any business that is ignoring the internet may as well close their doors now. 

They understand the importance of being mobile-friendly

Google places a huge emphasis on mobile websites, especially as more people are accessing the net by mobile devices now. While the best casino online will look great on a big HD screen with a live dealer and the poker table displayed, they also play equally well on smartphones.

Online casinos, poker tournaments, and slot machine apps all run on mobile devices and are optimized to do so. But, this doesn’t matter if customers cannot find them so they use several ways to target and attract audiences too. 

The use of advertising and digital marketing

Online casinos will spend a lot of money to create the perfect digital marketing strategy. They have fewer overheads than land-based casinos and can create effective online advertising campaigns.

Many traditional gambling venues have a certain image that may not always appeal to the younger generation. Horse racing, traditional casinos with dress codes, smoky bookmakers, and bingo halls full of elderly players have struggled to attract younger generations.

New advertising with young, attractive models and high-energy music, plus the use of celebrities has attracted a newer generation of bingo players. Social media and in-app advertising is used effectively to promote downloadable slot games and online casinos. 

Online casinos are loyal

Many online sportsbooks and casinos have loyalty programs to help customer retention. Too many businesses overlook the importance of returning customers.

For example, many streaming services offered free trials in 2020 to attract new customers and this worked, however, a number of subscribers would drop out after the trial ended.

Online casinos not only understand how to attract new players but also how to keep them. Many will offer sign-up bonuses and free bets but they also run loyalty programs to stop players from flitting between different websites. By giving some of their profits back to the customers they help to create brand loyalty.

Geo-targeting and SEO

The use of geo-targeting to cost-effectively run a marketing campaign cannot be overlooked, and online casino companies use this well. In many regions, gambling is not allowed or is restricted and online casinos can use geo-targeting to either avoid these areas or do the opposite and attract players to gamble online.

There are many ways that SEO can help grow a small business as well as larger companies and casino companies are very aware of this area. By using an effective SEO strategy any company can help improve their search engine results.

In a time where many people are now ordering locally online due to travel restrictions, it makes sense for businesses to invest some time and money into improving their local SEO. 

Convenient payment methods

When you visit a website to purchase a product or order a take-away you will usually need to pay online. The most common methods are normally debit and credit cards but some people are either unable to pay this way or would like more options.

Online casinos offer some of the biggest choices available on any ecommerce site. Depending on which region the kaszino is licensed in they may offer over 20 different payment methods. Bank transfers, e-wallets, debit cards, bitcoin, and a large choice of each of these options make it easy for a player to deposit and withdraw cash. 

They embrace new technology and change

Instead of sitting back and relying on staples such as roulette, poker, and blackjack, they look at what new products they can offer their customers. Many casinos offer live dealers to keep human interaction part of the game, AI and Virtual Reality are being explored in virtual and horse racing.

They are also embracing esports and there are already purpose-built arena areas in Las Vegas waiting for the next Fortnite and CS:GO champions. 

Great customer service

The best casino online understands about looking after their players. No matter what market a company is involved in they need to look at their customer service and make sure it is perfect.

Today, customers expect far more from customer service departments and when people are online they want a swift response, ideally from a rep waiting to help right away. 


Any struggling business today can look at how online casinos utilize the use of SEO, digital marketing, and click-thru ads to attract new customers. This is only half the battle though, and casinos understand that they need to keep those customers with good service, loyalty programs, and innovation.

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