In business, there are always ways to become more efficient. Some of these options can be so expensive as to not be worth the price of admission, but there exist other free and low-cost elements that can make a surprising difference. Taking a look at a few standouts, we want to explore some easy-to-use tools with appreciable effects on a businesses’ operation, and explain why they’re worth considering.

Safer Data Transfer

One of the most underrated feelings in regular business is the confidence that comes from making secure data transfers. Without it, the nag of doubt can make us wonder what if, but it doesn’t need to be this way. With the right tools, keeping track of network transmissions is simple, and can ensure that your business has nothing to worry about in the short or long term.

To this end, we’d encourage the application of streamlined programs like the SolarWinds intrusion detection software. Designed to be simple enough for beginners to understand and powerful enough to cater to experts, these types of systems don’t just help detect and therefore prevent issues, they also allow the all-important peace of mind. These tools help automate some of the processes, minimalizing the manual work required when doing this type of process.¬†Plus, with free trials, it’s easy to see what you might be missing.

Finding Lost or Misplaced Files

For both employers and employees, losing or misplacing files is an unfortunate inevitability. Leading to downtime, frustration, and even setbacks, this is an issue that everyone faces, and it’s not something that Windows alone is equipped to solve. Though Windows does include a search function, this function is slow, inaccurate, and annoying to use. There is a solution, however, in Voidtool’s Everything.

Operating how Window’s system should work, Everything is a rapid search tool that can quickly index entire drives within just a couple of minutes. As long as you know the name of what you lost or another important file indicator, then Everything will have you covered, and make you wonder where Microsoft went so wrong.

Browser Login

This might seem an unusual choice, but it’s also an option we see many users consistently underestimate. The idea of keeping a browser login for a system like Chrome or Firefox is that it can quickly transfer all of your bookmarks, history, and internet logins onto a different system. In doing so, logins ensure a level of system consistency that can cut down on misremembering passwords, having to search for pages and websites, and generally mitigates overall internet fumbling.

Exactly how this works will depend on your browser, though the concepts in Chrome generally hold to other systems. A user will want to sync their account to the cloud, make sure they remember their central password, and then simply log in to a new browser when necessary. Also remember to log out when done, for privacy purposes.

As basic systems, the above suggestions will take very little to implement and learn. While it might be tempting to go the ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it’ approach, this path ignores the myriad improvements to convenience and efficiency that the digital world produces over time. Even if just to try out, gives these systems a look, and you might be surprised at how much there is to find.

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