How and why to host virtual parties for ecommerce businesses

Like any business, the key to success in selling your products in an ecommerce business is building relationships. If you have been looking for a way to connect with more customers, it might be a good idea to host virtual parties to generate interest and excitement in your business.

In this post, we’ll explore how and why you should implement virtual parties for ecommerce businesses into your strategy so you can make more money and build your fanbase.

Getting started with a successful virtual party

Virtual parties have become a popular sales method thanks to social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. Anyone can do a Facebook Live and invite people from around the world to get together and sell products. It’s the modern version of the classic Tupperware party.

But hosting a virtual party for your ecommerce business requires more than a sales pitch. Including games and prizes, … Read more

What are Minority Small Business Grants and How to Get Them

Starting or expanding a business requires a lot of hard work and money to get off the ground. Finding ways to finance your venture can include everything from applying for loans to getting investors to using your own savings.

For minority groups, another option is to get minority grants to start a business.

What are minority-owned business grants?

Unlike loans, grants are funds to use for specific purposes that you don’t need to repay. In most cases, minority small businesses are funded by corporations or special interest groups that have created goals to facilitate business growth among minority groups.[1]

Minority groups can be based on race, gender, personal status or even location. To qualify as a minority business, at least 51 percent of the business must be owned or controlled by a minority.[2]

How to apply for minority small business grants

Follow these steps to make sure you … Read more

Advanced ecommerce features to consider for your online store

Starting an online store is just the beginning. Once you get into the groove of marketing your store and handling orders, it’s time to consider adding advanced ecommerce features, so you can sell more products and increase your profits.

In this post, we’re going to cover advanced e-commerce features you should consider adding to your store.

Advanced e-commerce features to consider

Going beyond the basics and adding advanced features to your store will help you improve your customers’ experience and sell more products. Here are seven advanced e-commerce features to consider adding to your online store.

  1. Reporting tools
  2. Integrated blog
  3. Abandoned cart recovery
  4. Advanced search and filtering options
  5. Mobile-optimized checkout
  6. Integrated social media and SEO
  7. Video or 3D product demos

Not sure which of these advanced e-commerce features will give you the biggest bang for your buck? Get the details on all of them to help you decide which upgrades … Read more