How to prioritize clients during uncertain times — and why you should

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided countless lessons in customer service. Many companies have risen to the challenge of this “new normal” by prioritizing clients, while others have crumbled, generating bad reviews and anger on social media.

One thing has become clear: during uncertain times, companies need to care for their customers — and ideally go above and beyond to do it.


“Particularly in times of crisis, a customer’s interaction with a company can trigger an immediate and lingering effect on his or her sense of trust and loyalty. As millions are furloughed and retreat into isolation, a primary barometer of their customer experience will be how the businesses they frequent and depend upon deliver experiences and service that meets their new needs with empathy, care and concern,” suggests McKinsey & Company experts.

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What is a break-even analysis?

If you run a business of any kind, it’s important to understand the relationship between business expenses and revenue. When planning out any kind of business investment, it’s a good idea to map out the costs and expected business results and conduct a break-even analysis.

A break-even analysis helps you understand if an investment will pay off and when you can expect to turn a profit.


Keep reading to learn more about what a break-even analysis is, why it can be helpful to your business, and how to do your own break-even analysis for a new business or business expansion project.

What is a break-even analysis?

A break-even analysis is a type of analysis in which business owners or managers run the numbers to decide if a new business or a business project is going to pay for itself or break even.

A break-even analysis tells you if a
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Should your business continue remote work after COVID-19?

In March 2020, in what were the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, stay-at-home orders were enforced, and businesses scrambled to take their day-to-day operations online.

For the first time, people who were used to going into the office every day were plunged into the deep end of the working-from-home pool. As our new normal continues to unfold and restrictions are lifting, you might be wondering — should your company continue remote work after COVID-19?

In this post, I’ll share the pros and cons to both returning to the office, and continuing remote work.

Returning to the office post-pandemic

Making a decision to return to the office when it is considered safe in your area is a difficult decision. Read on to learn some pros and cons of returning to the office.


  • Employees will have the chance to engage with one another face-to-face, which can
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