Judith Kallos: White glove WordPress support

Judith Kallos runs The IStudio, a support and consulting service specifically for WordPress websites. You can find Judith on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Tell us about yourself. Who are you? Where are you based?

I’ve been “doing online” since 1995. I’m an accomplished, good-humored, surprisingly non-geeky WordPress consultant and business coach who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Even after 25 years.

I have my own projects, write for GoDaddy’s blog and help extraordinary netrepreneurs to embrace WordPress and the online arena for all it can be.

I opened the first “Internet Studio” in a sleepy town on the Illinois-Wisconsin border in 1995 and have been doing business online ever since. Back then I was known as the “crazy Internet lady.” Waaay ahead of my time!

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Top-notch shipping tips for your online store

This post was originally published on Aug. 28, 2015, and was updated on Dec. 4, 2020.

With a global pandemic causing massive disruption to brick-and-mortar businesses, many entrepreneurs are getting an emergency crash course in ecommerce. Along with that ecommerce experiment comes shipping. Shipping — both the logistics and the pricing — can stress even the most seasoned entrepreneurs out. Don’t fret. We’re here to take the agony out of shipping with shipping tips and strategies to move your ecommerce efforts forward.

Small business shipping doesn’t have to be a struggle

Running the operations of an ecommerce business takes a mighty amount of effort.

There is always room for improvement to tweak your website, send emails to customers and sell more products. One of those areas that we see lots of small business owners leave for a rainy day (and then never get to) is shipping.

We get it. Shipping
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Where rural businesses can find support this winter

As 2020 comes to a close, an uncertain winter lies ahead across the United States. The coronavirus pandemic will continue during the winter months and entrepreneurs will be hunkering down to the best of their ability. This includes businesses in rural areas, which face their own unique barriers due to location.

In 2019, Small Business Majority released a report that examined the opportunities and challenges facing rural small businesses.

The survey of 530 rural small business owners sheds light on how to better stimulate and support rural entrepreneurship. Rural businesses struggle to maintain the same level of connectivity possessed by their metropolitan counterparts.

Other challenges include significantly less reliable broadband internet services, access to capital (particularly in rural areas with fewer banking options), and trouble finding and hiring capable employees.

Another unique finding? The lack of awareness of resources available to rural businesses

Rural entrepreneurs do have spaces that … Read more