Gary Olson: A Go-to Expert in Almost any Industry

A comfortable level of communication between business units, stakeholders, senior management, finance, and technology groups delivers tangible results. A common understanding of goals promotes clear accountability throughout the organization. Gary Olson – CEO & Co-founder at GT Digital is leading with such vision and making the effort to attract financing, building the team, market strategy, and handling operational planning. He is considered a thought leader in the transition to IP. He works closely with his clients and develops new workflows and business processes.

As a managing Director, Gary also founded GHO Group, a specialized advanced technology consultant group where he is responsible for building its portfolio of successes on a project portfolio over US$1B. His articles help broadcast engineers understand about the trends and changes in the industry without promoting products or companies.

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Is the Four Day Work-Week Model Recommended?

Working hours are generally proportional to the work output. The more you work, the higher the profits for the company.  However, at the end of the day, the employees are humans and not robots.

Working for long hours without proper breaks will eventually decrease their productivity and hamper the company’s growth. As a result, companies contemplate whether they should reduce the number of workdays from five to four days per week.

Does lowering the operating hours ensure a better output? Yes, it does, but only if the employees give their best in the new work hours.

Numerous countries have already adopted this new work model and have witnessed an increment in the companies’ overall output. Even some leading companies like Microsoft Japan, Radioactive PR, Shake Shack etc. have adopted the four-day work model and benefited from it.

Is This Model Suitable Long-term?

According to research conducted on Perpetual Guardian, a … Read more

3 Key Considerations for Pricing Your Services

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers share similar challenges when it comes to the first steps needed to get a business off the ground. They have to learn how to find customers, how to promote their services, and yes, how to price those services in a way that’s fair for the customer and the business. 

Most well-established businesses have a series of procedures and tools that help them deal with pricing new services or improving sales on a new market segment. However, these procedures are based on previous experiences and a bit of trial and error, plus specific pricing methods that include all the processes required to keep the business going. Still, a new business or a freelancer will have to start from scratch.

So, if you are in the position of pricing your services but don’t really know where to start, here are a few considerations to keep in Read more

How IVR Can Increase Revenue During a Pandemic

Interactive Voice Response is a telephony menu system used for identifying, segmenting, and routing a call to the appropriate department. That means callers press buttons on their keypads or say words to an automated recording that identifies keywords, thus alleviating the need to speak to a human call handler during the initial stages of a call. In turn, that speeds up processes, which is beneficial to companies and customers. Sometimes an IVR system can handle every aspect of a caller’s needs. For example, if a customer wishes to pay a bill, the whole process could be automatic with IVR. At the end of the day, using an IVR system is an effective way to get customers directed to the right place and solve issues quickly and efficiently.

Call centers have seen high demand in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and IVR has been used in various ways to facilitate Read more