How Your Office Space Can Affect Productivity

The regular work day certainly became a lot more complicated due to the pandemic. Suddenly, booming offices were empty and video calls became the new normal. Companies all around the world had to adjust quickly to allow business to continue. Hopefully by now you’ve figured out how to turn your home into an efficient office, but thankfully with vaccinations increasing, you’ll soon return to hanging around the water cooler with your colleagues. 

After being stuck at home for over a year, employees will now appreciate coming into work, and having a safe and comfortable work environment is important more than ever. Here are some things to consider if you’re setting up a new space for employees heading back to work.

A layout of your office can have an impact on employee productivity. Do they have to weave around desks or different floors to get to the printer or Read more

Vauxhall factory to shut within a year unless UK government offers stimulus deal

Vauxhall will stop producing the Astra at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire and close the plant completely in April next year unless the Government can incentivise it to build a new model at the site.

A briefing on manufacturing volumes issued by Vauxhall’s parent company to suppliers shows the production of the current model of the Astra is expected to end in a year.

The 80-page document circulated in the past fortnight by Vauxhall owner PSA Group – which merged with Fiat Chrysler in January to become Stellantis – includes a “first forecast for European main events”. This includes an “end of life” summary for the current model of the Astra.

Ellesmere Port employs almost 1,000 people building estate versions of the Astra and supports 6,000 supply chain jobs.

Other versions of the Astra, built at Gliwice, Poland, are earmarked to cease production in December. A next-generation Astra hatchback will be … Read more

Made in Britain – Cheese on Towcest’

Having been made redundant during the Covid-19 pandemic, Mark Rodgers of Cheese on Towcest’ in Northamptonshire took the plunge and decided to launch his very own online cheesemonger business.

What’s the story behind your business?  

I’ve always been obsessed with cheese and have always wanted to be a cheesemonger – I just love cheese and everything about it! A few years ago I started making cheese for friends and family, experimenting with different types and processes. By researching different cheeses and how they were made I developed a deeper understanding of artisan cheeses and the stories behind them including the amazing people who make it.

It was during the first lockdown in 2020 and being on furlough that gave me the push I needed to realise a lifelong dream to become a cheesemonger. I became aware of how the pandemic was affecting the cheese industry with stories of farmers having … Read more