5 things we learned by sending 5 million BFCM emails in 2020

*This post originally appeared on the Jilt blog on Dec. 2, 2020.

Only in the oddest year of our lifetimes could one day be both the biggest online sales day in U.S. history and also a disappointment.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 is in the books and, as expected, eCommerce spending shattered previous records. However, the spending didn’t shatter those records at quite the levels expected. Strange year, strange results.

So what can we make of this BFCM? We analyzed the overall industry-wide trends, as well as the roughly five million emails stores sent using Jilt, to glean some insights into holiday shopping over BFCM, what might have been 2020-related anomalies, and what trends could stick around for good.

BFCM 2020 breaks records… but falls short of expectations

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Finding an identity with Dynamik Endeavors

For Dynamik Endeavors founder Dominique Hart, seeing her potential came at a time when she was working for free. Dominique had eagerly thrown herself into an unpaid advertising internship and some volunteering, putting in max effort but not seeing much beyond the day-to-day.

Then someone shared the result of all her hard work.

“And I was like, wait a second, I helped you make that much money?!” Dominique remembered marveling. “It was then that my entrepreneurial wheels started to kick up again. In that time I said, you know what? I’m going to be serious about this.”

That’s how it started.

Launching her own agency with Dynamik Endeavors

Today, Dominique owns and operates Dynamik Endeavors, a boutique design agency with a distinctly client-centric approach. They offer a range of services to help clients craft an identity, including visual branding and website design, strategy and consulting, and site maintenance.

Their process … Read more