Pricing for web pros — how to stop sabotaging your pricing strategy

Pricing for web pros can alternate between challenging, frustrating, and rewarding. Obviously you anticipate covering your expenses and earning a healthy profit — but you also want to find a balance between losing clients based solely on price, and leaving money on the table. Turns out finding that balance can be much like walking a tightrope.

Know this: If you’re landing every client proposal, you’re probably not charging enough. Set a goal of pushing just to (or over) the limit, so that occasionally a client says no or pushes back. Then you know you’re close to the ceiling of reasonableness, and probably not underselling yourself.

As I’ve learned some hard lessons over 22+ years in the biz, I’m sharing what I’ve learned, so you can avoid these same pitfalls. Read on for 10 mistakes that could sabotage your pricing strategy.

Mistake #1: Charging for time instead of value

When I … Read more

Tips to make marketing easier in 2021

Marketing your business rarely comes easily. There’s always room for improvement and new things to learn. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make marketing a little easier on yourself for 2021.

Let’s talk about seven ways to make marketing in 2021 easier — including marketing planning, marketing systems and marketing strategies.

  1. Use quarters and sprints to plan your marketing.
  2. Invest in the right tools for the job.
  3. Focus your attention on results.
  4. Make customer service first.
  5. Develop relationships and partnerships.
  6. Press pause on new and shiny.
  7. Build your brand.

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1. Using quarters and sprints for planning

In most cases, when you think about a tactical marketing plan (which campaigns you’re going to run, when you’re going to run them, what the offers are going to be, and where you’re going to run them), people think of planning on … Read more

Build and use your ideal customer profile and personas

One of the first questions that a marketing or business consultant will ask you is, “What is your target market? Have you developed an ideal customer profile? Who are your personas?”

If you haven’t defined them yet, you’ll probably hop to Google to figure it out. But then “how to create an ideal client profile” comes up with 61,400,000 results, and “create a client persona” has 12,600,000 results. It’s enough to make your head spin. Where do you even start?

Start here:

  • Learn what target markets, ideal customer profiles, and personas are, and why you need them.
  • Define your ideal client and personas.
  • Use your ideal client profiles and personas to improve all of your marketing channels.

Let’s get started!

What are target markets, ideal customer profiles and personas?

A target market is the broadest definition of who should use your products or services. For example, an online jewelry seller … Read more