Axiad: Leading Identity Credential Management Company

Gone are the days of employees struggling with forgotten passwords, or IT teams wasting time and resources on managing multiple identity credentials. Axiad offers simple credential management so you no longer have to choose between productivity and security. The company’s cybersecurity experts offer an ongoing partnership for all your identity management requirements. The Axiad SMARTidentity solution will help you diagnose issues, implement solutions, and maximize resources.

Axiad brings experience and knowledge, combining its expertise with industry leaders to implement & manage identity solutions that protect organizations.

Providing life-long Customer Partnerships

Axiad was founded by industry experts with extensive backgrounds in developing, deploying, and managing identity and access management products. It has experienced first-hand the challenges associated with implementing and managing mission-critical identity systems, as well as what enables their success.

Axiad’s accumulated expertise is foundational to its business strategy. The company is driven by its customers’ business needs. The organization’s … Read more

IDprop: Ensuring the Mitigation of Internal and External Fraud in Property Management

An Interview between Insights Success and Sara Statman, the Founder & CEO of the company, highlights how IDprop automates Property Management workflows, reduces multiple internal and external fraud risks, simplifies regulatory compliance and generates significant cost savings.

Below are the interview highlights:

Give us a brief overview of IDprop, its vision, and journey since inception.

Our journey began with a desire to automate business processes, improve operations and internal controls, while simultaneously mitigating key fraud risks. Manual processes are inefficient and subject to human error. Operational effectiveness ranges from a single point of access to clean standardized data through to eliminating duplication and redundancy. Inadequate internal controls may facilitate fraud. For example, if any employee can wire out funds, onboard clients and suppliers, or access any part of the system, chaos could ensue. Fraud may arise from internal staff, collusion with third-parties or external cyber crime. Let’s assume a supplier … Read more

Keyless Technologies: Protecting Privacy of Enterprises through Passwordless Multi-factor Authentication

The increasing shift to online work during the pandemic and study shone a light on many of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the cybersecurity industry. Those businesses who hadn’t upgraded to new security technology prior to the pandemic have since rushed to adopt emerging cybersecurity solutions especially those relating to authentication and identity management. The pandemic catapulted enterprises into an era of digital transformation, with more employees, contractors, clients, and users accessing private systems and data remotely and outside the security perimeters of office buildings than ever before.

To protect against threats looking to exploit this crisis, enterprises need authentication solutions that offer high assurance that an end-user is who they say they are without complicating the login experience. Because of this, the authentication solutions market has benefited greatly from the pandemic, a period of great hardship for many. The silver lining is that it pushed businesses to embrace newer … Read more

SensiPass Re-imagining Knowledge Based Authentication

While the internet-powered superhighway has led to an explosion of digital connections and routes to engage online with each other, the consistent rise in cybercrime demonstrates how the cybersecurity industry is lagging behind. Authentication solutions are monotonously focused on authenticating devices and not real people, and this needs to change. Offerings that focus on taking pictures of oneself and an ID card for things like customer onboarding and vaccination IDs, invite fraud and manipulation. The industry needs to retain, not eliminate the human element in the process of user authentication as well.

User authentication via an all-inclusive, human element approach is what SensiPass sets out to do, and the principle around which all its solutions stem from. Mike Hill is the Founder/CEO of SensiPass. From his first start-up as a keyboardist in a garageband, Mike has had a passion for combining technology with adventure. His background in risk management, security … Read more

Regula: A Renowned name in Authentication Tech Industry

Document authentication is the process to certify the authenticity of a document. Today, much of running a business involves working with banks and lenders. Having of good standing authorized is critical for international lending and for making sure your good reputation follows your business. Regula is a leading manufacturer of forensic equipment for authenticity verification of documents, banknotes and securities. The devices produced by Regula are supplied to more than 135 countries and in terms of innovation have no equals in the world. Every day, the company solutions are used by the specialists of the ministries of foreign and internal affairs, border control and customs services, airlines, banks, insurance companies in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Ivan Shumsky, co-founder and director of Regula, asserts “Regula is a full-cycle company. And it is a unique phenomenon and a great Read more