Amy Hedrick: An Inspiring Business Leader with Admirable Work Experience

When it comes to building the skills and habits of leadership, one must draw upon a lifetime of their own unique experience. As an aspiring leader, it is critical that one takes the time to reflect upon and assess their own goals, capabilities, and habits. Amy Hedrick is one such business leader, whose journey demonstrates how to overcome difficulty, build great teams, and come up with innovative ideas and radical solutions in challenging situations.

Amy is the Co-founder and CEO of Cleanbox Technology Inc. Her background as a content creator and thought leader in the application of immersive technologies as industry disruptors provided the building blocks for Cleanbox Technology as a business. Over the past decade, Amy has led multiple teams from project inception and funding, to planning and execution.

“I’m very proud of the hard work, quality product and customer services my company and team delivered, and personally feel Read more

Gideon Galloway: Doing Insurance Differently

For businesses across the globe, 2020 demanded new ways of thinking about, and doing, many things. In this difficult year, Gideon Galloway – CEO at King Price Insurance – stayed committed to finding sustainable solutions for their clients, partners and investors. So, not much different to previous years, really.

Gideon launched King Price nine years ago with a strong team that’s grown as the business has grown. In 2012, they were a ZAR100 million start-up; by the end of their eighth financial year, they were worth ZAR5.3 billion. Similarly, the tiny original start-up team now has more than 1,100 engaged, purpose-driven employees – all of whom pull together to make their insurance products easier to understand, manage, engage with, and claim for.

Although they’re known as the ‘maverick’ of the South African insurance market, King Price’s valuation approach and methodology are actually very conservative when compared to other South African … Read more

Jim Ratcliff: Let’s Improve Overall Health with better Oral Health

Dentistry and medicine have grown as separate branches of healthcare, and it is essential for the two to now integrate fully. Dentists and hygienists can be on the frontlines of detecting disease, be it COVID or diabetes. To do so, health and dental records need integration to optimize healthcare. Oral health is window to our overall health. The mouth is the primary entry way to our respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems. Since 2000, Jim Ratcliff, Chairman and CEO of Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, has been stiving to optimize the integrated healthcare by focusing on ways improved oral care can lead to improved overall health. In investigating the many links between oral and systemic health, Jim finds opportunities abound! His passion is to leave the world a better place for having been here.

Driving the Consistent Growth of Organization

Jim Ratcliff was one of the seven individuals who founded Rowpar under the … Read more

Paul Marcantonio: Leading by Example and Remaining Humble

Leaders need to lead from the front to be exemplary. They need to demonstrate the high degree of competence and strong character to gain the trust of others. This in turn helps them to create the best team to achieve the organizational goals. Paul Marcantonio is one such inspiring business leader who strives to lead by example, demonstrate integrity, support others, and at all times he tries to remain humble. He is Executive Director – UK and Western Europe at ECOMMPAY. Paul lives by his own personal values and there are great synergies with the values of ECOMMPAY. That’s why he wanted to join this company.

Being Persistent and Goal-oriented

As for his style of leadership, he thinks it is important to give people the chance to grow, and he expects them to take this opportunity, to evolve not only as professionals but also as individuals. Also, he aims … Read more

Taryn Andersen: Bridging the Gap between Female Tech Entrepreneurs and Investors

The Covid -19 pandemic has caused an evolution in the technology sector, the world was probably in an era of digital transformation but what was going to translate into an evolution of eight to ten years has been carried out in one year. “We can speak that we are in a technological revolution, many new technological tools have arrived to solve a transitory situation, but they have created new habits of life and interaction with the consumer,” says Taryn Andersen. She is the CEO & Co-Founder of Impulse4women.

Taryn believes that the lockdown has caused many consumers to explore new tech applications that will make their life easier. All this has as a result that sectors such as health, gaming, delivery, financial, education etc, become more important than before the Covid-19 for new consumers as well as for investors who already invested in technology. She opines “As an NPO Read more