Margaux Fiori: An Empowering Leader and an Astute Investment Advisor

From taking care of families to taking care of organizations, women have taken huge strides in breaking through the glass ceiling in many industries. Many sectors have witnessed the marks of women. When it comes to the finance sector, there are a number of successful women professionals who are playing key roles in shaping the landscape of the industry. With their exemplary leadership skills and extensive knowledge, they have not only made noteworthy contributions in the finance sector but have also inspired other women to step up. Among those women, who have left an indelible impact on the finance industry, one such woman is Margaux Fiori. Margaux has worked in the investment and financial services industry since 1997. She is the Founder and CEO of Fiori Financial Group and is a registered representative with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC.

Margaux has a tactical investment style that includes … Read more

Leanne Myles: An Expert Mortgage Broker Obsessed With the Client Experience

Like every other industry, the mortgage industry is experiencing changes in the use of technology, and evolving to meet client and partner needs. Brokers are searching for the best ways to collaborate with lenders and customers by finding unique opportunities to leverage modern technology.

Although the mortgage lending industry has always been a profession of uncertainties, companies and loan originators are facing a more unprecedented market than ever.

With a compassionate approach, Leanne Myles is changing the face of the mortgage industry. Leanne is a Senior Mortgage Advisor at the Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team. Additionally, she has founded the More than Mortgage Brokers Society as a way for all brokers to work together towards a common fundraising goal.

A source of inspiration

Clinton Wilkins, owner of the Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team and a top producer in the industry, has been a big source of encouragement for Leanne. For the past … Read more

How the trust criteria are set by the software review platforms

Lately, the crisis of trust has led software directories to be prospected by potential customers more often than before. Buyers no longer just look for high ranking software on the major search engines, but rather also prefer to check the experience and other details on specialized platforms.

Why do software review platforms become popular?

The first reason is the large number of solutions available for each category. Today, we have hundreds of thousands of solutions ready, from SaaS to desktop, mobile to IoT, for various purposes: internal operations, automatization, marketing and many more.

Each solution comes with various features that may or may not meet the needs of companies therefore, manual search for the right solution started to become cumbersome. In the past the first and only option was to hire an IT consultant to help in selecting the right solution.

Now, software directories can list the solutions by using … Read more

The Nine Game-Changing Business Magazines You Don’t Want to Sleep On

My friends suggested to me (and you won’t disagree) that keen reading is the best thing for gaining knowledge, especially if you are a businessman then reading a business magazine is just the right thing for you. Why? The knowledge that you crave can be satiated by reading.

Reading gives you a different kind of depth towards looking at things. You have a distinct vision, an outstanding thought process, and a solid aim in your mind if you read a lot. The critical skill of decision-making can be achieved by reading fruitfully.

Don’t you think that having exceptional knowledge about a particular field or several fields is mesmerizing? Again, attaining knowledge is not less than learning an art. The deeper you go in accomplishing skyrocketing levels of creativity, the more interesting and knowledgeable you get.

Reading is one robust component that the achievers, scholars, billionaires, philosophers, etc., talk about all … Read more