Pivot Payables, Inc.: Pivoting Towards Success

Technology is a great pivot. Companies employ different technologies to adapt and change directions, accelerating their progress. Such is the service that Pivot Payables Inc. also offers its customers. Pivot helps its clients automate their financial systems, improve critical business processes, and delivers applications that increase the value of customer investments.

Co-founded by John Toman, he functions as the company’s Chief Product Officer today. John has been driving Pivot Payables’ product strategy and creating foundational SAP programs that are the company’s stronghold in the market presently.

Insights Success reached out to John to talk about the goals and philosophy of Pivot Payables, the competitive services that the company offers, how they are adapting to a changing market, and what’s next.

 Below are the highlights of the interview:

What was the initial idea behind the inception of Pivot Payables?

It was late 2013 when Pivot Payables was inspired by the … Read more

House prices could drop by upto 15% as loan rates rise sharply

Mortgage providers have begun raising interest rates to levels not seen since the financial crisis as economists warned that growing borrowing costs would trigger a steep fall in house prices.

HSBC and Santander suspended new mortgage deals yesterday. Nationwide became the first big lender to increase fixed-rate deals, with its two-year rate rising to 5.59 per cent. Three months ago it offered a comparable mortgage at 2.54 per cent.

The increase is equivalent to a family with a £500,000 mortgage spending an extra £881 a month on repayments.

Other lenders are expected to follow suit amid predictions that the Bank of England could raise the base rate as high as 6 per cent next year. Mortgage brokers said some higher loan-to-value deals could be pulled entirely because of concerns about affordability and the stability of the property market.

Huw Pill, chief economist at the Bank of England, said there would … Read more

4 Business Components That Are at Risk of Cyber Security Attacks in 2022

In 2022, businesses are going to be at more risk of cyber security attacks than they have ever been. This is because there are more devices connected to the internet than ever before – and as these devices become more sophisticated, they also become more vulnerable.

The number of people using mobile devices for work continues to rise, and this means that employees have access to company data from anywhere in the world. This can be a great benefit for businesses, but it also means that it’s easier for hackers to get into the system.

In 2022, we expect to see more cyber-attacks than ever before. This could be because the number of security vulnerabilities continues to grow, and more people have access to the internet. Or it could be because criminals are developing new tools and techniques to use against companies and individuals alike.

Emails and Private Messages

A … Read more