CCTV footage: a GDPR nightmare?

The leaking of former Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s affair via CCTV footage recently dominated headlines, ultimately resulting in his resignation. However, it also raised questions regarding the GDPR and privacy issues associated with CCTV in the workplace.

So, how can businesses stay on the right side of the law when implementing this technology? Martin Noble, partner and data protection expert at law firm, Shakespeare Martineau explains.

People often associate personal data with details such as phone numbers and email addresses, however images of individuals also fall under the umbrella of personal data. As a result, any business that is recording their employees via CCTV must follow the correct GDPR processes or face serious penalties.

Before installing CCTV, employers should carry out a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) where the use of surveillance camera data is likely to result in a high risk to individual privacy. A DPIA identifies the risks … Read more

5 Pandemic Survival Lessons Startups Can Rely On

The pandemic has been tough on businesses, even more on startups. But it shouldn’t stop you from realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. Just taking the right approach can set up your new venture for success.

Right now, survival should be your biggest concern because you will surely have lots of opportunities to grow in the future. Everything boils down to sustaining through this challenging phase. As a new entrepreneur, it might seem like a humongous task. But you can follow these pandemic survival lessons to build a strong startup with immense growth potential.

Respond to evolving needs of the customers

Flexibility is the winning point for startups, but it has become even more significant amid the pandemic. Customer needs are evolving, and keeping pace is the key to retaining them for the long haul.

For example, retail businesses can keep the cash flowing by sticking with the e-commerce model. Keep track Read more

5 Things You Should Know Before Placing a Wager

Want to get the most out of your money from online sports betting? You have hit the right spot. In this blog, you will get to know five really important things, which you must consider before placing a wager. These five things will take your betting skills to the next level.

Of course, you will not be a pro in online betting, the very next day. But I can assure you that these tips will act as a catalyst in your betting journey. According to ESPN, over $42 billion was wagered in the entire US, in 2015. Think, about the number of gamblers you are competing with. So, take your decisions wisely.

  1. Choose Online Betting Site Wisely.

Remember to enlist the sites which are permitted in your geographic area. And before waging on your favourite game or team, you must find the best sportsbook. In recent times, almost all Read more

The Changing Landscape of Work Place: Remote Working Should be Encouraged or Not?

The evidence in other areas I witness leads me to believe that what I once thought about freelancers has been firmly set into motion. Freelancers were to comprise about 50% of the available talent pool by 2027. Yet, as of 2021, 48% of the US based talent pool is virtual and for those that have now experienced and lived more productively working remote, ordering remote, picking up curbside everywhere, it seems prudent to say that the talent will seek their employers to sustain the “good part of remote work” whatever that may be at your business. In fact, as companies consider their return to work strategies it is important to emphasize that employers should make decisions about the future only after they have derived their employee inputs. To return to work without employee input in some form or fashion, will lead to talent making shifts that may not be favorable … Read more

Betsy Wiersma: Empowering Women Around the World with the Power of Love and Support

Self-upbringing and learning are the processes that have no end. The journey becomes more joyful when you can enjoy company and friendship of mind full people who can help you to improve in your life and lead you to achieve personal and professional goals. Betsy Wiersma is one such inspiring person who is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, event organizer, and podcast host and in 2019, she also became a TEDx speaker.

Betsy is the Creator of CampExperience Network which is a one-of-a-kind annual retreat and ongoing gatherings designed entirely for women who are ready for education and inspiration, and who want to connect to a network of amazing women. She started The CampExperience™ Network in 2005 to fulfill her dream to be a “work-at-home” mom and to enjoy everyday activities with her adopted daughter.

Betsy’s philosophy is return on ideas. Through CampExperience™ Network, she is crafting meaningful activities for … Read more