Circle K: Catering World Class Service with High Quality Products

The retail food industry has seen a massive upsurge in the past couple of decades and is expected to expand even further. What makes these retail food stores so popular as against traditional food stores is value for money, hygiene, and ambience.

Convenience stores is the buzzword today and food retailers are leaving no stone unturned to deliver the best with a variety of options.

We spoke to one such food retailer, Circle K that is focused on becoming the top convenience store. Following are the excerpts of the interview:

Please brief our audience about your company, its values, and how the company has been positioned as a leading player in the retail space.

Circle K is one of the largest food retailers in the world and is recognized as a Leading Global Franchise. It was brought by Convenience Arabia in 2009, catering a unique shopping experience for customers. We … Read more

Facebook issues warning to advertisers after iPhone privacy crackdown

Facebook has warned advertisers that it may not be able to accurately measure the success of their adverts due a privacy clampdown by Apple in iPhone software.

The social media giant has added a disclaimer to its return on investment figures, which are crucial to advertisers’ confidence their money is well spent on its platform, saying they might now be missing data or partly based on “statistical modelling”.

Advertisers have told Business Matters that since Apple updated iPhone software last week, Facebook has provided unpredictable results that are much higher or lower than normal. One called the figures “nonsense”, while another described the system as “broken”.

The change shows how Facebook’s $84.2bn (£60.1bn) advertising operation could be affected by Apple’s move, which the social network has said will damage millions of small businesses that rely on targeted adverts to grow.

Carly Stringer, a Facebook advertising consultant in Maidstone who works … Read more

Sawaya International LLC: A Leading Player in Global Retail Space

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” Picasso had said. Colors, whether on canvas or skin, express emotions. Different tints, hues, and shades tell different stories, and when it comes to finding perfect shades for your nails, Gelish and Morgan Taylor are among the names that instantly pop up in mind. Although the pioneer of the nail industry is in America, the brand has a worldwide reach enabling their consumers in different countries to receive the rich experience of their beauty products thanks to their regional distributors.

Sawaya International LLC has been one such exclusive regional distributor to the global beauty brands Gelish and Morgan Taylor for over 20 years. With an eye for choosing the best quality of beauty products, CEO Fadi Sawaya founded Sawaya Group in 1990 with solid determination to distribute professionally and to operate with the integrity of a handshake.

“We identify, sell, advertise, Read more

Company directors split on benefits of working from home

Working from home is here to stay, but businesses are not convinced that it is improving productivity.

In a survey of 600 businesses, the Institute of Directors found that more than 60 per cent planned to adopt hybrid working practices even after restrictions ease.

The institute said that 20 per cent of companies were not planning to introduce any form of remote working, while only 10 per cent had moved completely towards working at home.

Rates of home working have risen since the first lockdown in March last year. Official figures show that 35.9 per cent of the workforce did some work at home last year, an annual rise of 9.4 percentage points.

Although the shift towards remote working is set to become a permanent change, businesses and economists are not clear about its benefits.

Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JP Morgan, the American investment bank, warned last year … Read more

Hopes rise for overseas travel to dozens of green list countries

Hopes of a summer holiday in Europe were boosted yesterday with the possibility of non-essential travel to destinations such as Portugal and Malta as soon as mid-May.

It is likely that limited overseas trips will be permitted in just over two weeks’ time, with experts saying that an initial “green list” is likely to include up to 24 countries.

Meanwhile, France announced that Britons will be able to travel there from the start of June provided they have proof of being vaccinated.

Further good news for tourists came as it was revealed that the cost of coronavirus tests for holidaymakers has dropped to as little as £45 each under government plans to force down prices.

Across England coronavirus cases have fallen to record lows, with every region in the country reporting reductions in the infection rate. Experts say the UK as a whole is moving out of the pandemic and … Read more