What Happened to Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality has been hyped as the next big thing for home entertainment tech for what feels like decades. But with each passing year, the promised VR revolution fails to materialize. Just a couple of years ago there were plans in the works for everything from job training to gambling, with several best payout online casino Canada, such you can find here, developing virtual reality casino floors. Today, a look at online casinos reveals a distinct lack of VR, despite plenty of investment. So, just what is it about the tech that has failed to live up to its expected potential – and what might the future hold?

Cost and Setup

VR equipment isn’t cheap. The most basic home setup, once you factor in games and gear, can cost more than $500. This is a big financial commitment for even the most dedicated gamer, and that’s just for entry-level kit. … Read more

Customs form 7501 – the Make or Break Document

Seasoned importers are well versed in the requirements of the Customs form 7501, but for those dipping their toes into the complicated world of importing into the U.S., understanding and familiarizing themselves with these requirements is essential. In short, importers answer to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) – the federal law enforcement agency of the U.S. to ensure a smooth release of their goods from customs. Here is a springboard to acquaint yourself with Customs Form 7501.

What is the link between Form 7501 & customs clearance?

The Customs Form 7501 – also known as the Entry Summary, states that every shipment entering the U.S. must pass the customs clearance process, and to do so, must file the Entry Summary. However, many importers are still unsure what Form 7501 entails or why it is so essential in the first place. The government did not dream it up to be … Read more

Business Matters Profile – Online marketplace ‘Buy Britain’

Michael Oszmann, Founder of online marketplace Buy Britain, discusses the idea behind his business and how plans to help other small businesses from within the UK.

In March 2020, Michael Oszmann lost his contract with Shell due to the pandemic and oil price crash. This left him with a decision to try and seek more work during the crisis, or to try something different. He decided to try and turn the negative situation into a positive and start something of his own.

The ensuing economic chaos, caused by the lockdowns, made him think that setting up an online marketplace with exclusively British-made products was an idea that could help to make a difference. Here, he tells us all about his business:

Tell us all about your business?

Buy Britain is a marketplace to discover goods made by local UK businesses. The company began in July 2020 and was officially launched … Read more

Home Office Challenges – Will Remote Work Become Permanent?

With millions of employees working from home, we are now facing a shift in working culture. Due to technological advancement, more people can continue their work remotely without obstruction.

A home office has its upsides and downsides. There is no dress code, and you don’t need to waste time getting to work. However, some people find it hard to work in isolation for so long and have trouble with efficiency. So what is the future of remote work? Will it remain with us forever, or is it only a phase that will pass?

Work Conditions

Working from home is very comfortable for most people. The only thing you have to do is wake up and turn on the computer. But is it always so easy? Sitting at home without a dedicated workspace can be very distracting. If you plan to work from home for a long time, it’s a good … Read more

How Online Casinos can Show Businesses the way Forward in 2021

Many businesses are facing an uphill struggle to recover lost ground from the financial blows delivered by the pandemic. Small and large businesses have closed for good or shut outlets, and even major companies have struggled.

As the price of social distancing and lockdowns bites, businesses need to find a way forward. Last year there was a huge increase in web traffic as a direct result of Covid and lockdowns. People were forced to work from home, order food online, and seek out entertainment.

This had the knock-on effect of helping some businesses grow. One area that grew its customer base was online entertainment, and one particular sub-sector of that, online casinos, gained a surprising amount of new customers.

However, it wasn’t just the pandemic that helped online casinos grow, they have been using some other techniques to attract customers for a while and some businesses could learn by studying Read more