British tech start-up takes on Amazon in the battle for the High Street

Forbes 30-under-30 alumnus goes head-to-head with Amazon with smartphone-based retail checkout solution

In 2015, MishiPay CEO Mustafa Khanwala waited 20 minutes in a supermarket line to pay for a can of drink. The queue gave him time to consider retail’s most persistent pinch point and trigger the development of MishiPay: a high concept Scan & Go solution that promises to truly revitalise retail.

Khanwala wasn’t the only one thinking about the costly problem of check-out queues, but he is the only one to have found a viable answer, and now the Forbes 30-under-30 alumnus is going head-to-head with Amazon with smartphone-based tech that promises to truly revitalise retail.

The checkout queue has been with us since Memphis retailer Piggly-Wiggly introduced it to the world in 1916, and the model has remained fundamentally unchanged for 104 years.

Self-scan checkouts, introduced in 1992, are both unpopular and inefficient, and Amazon Go’s high-tech … Read more

Complete Guide to Opening Your First Coffee Shop

For many people around the world, opening their own coffee shop would be a dream come true! If you are one of those people, the potential for a great business is huge. Whether you are looking to create an ultra scientific coffee lab with the latest gadgets and barista techniques, or a cozy hangout for customers to kick back with their favorite book, the possibilities are endless. The coffee shop industry in the US alone is worth over $50 billion, and with the country just beginning to open up again after the Covid-19 Pandemic, this is a great time to give it a go. 

To tell you everything you need to know, here is the complete guide to opening your first coffee shop.

1. Know Your Stuff

There are over 60,000 coffee shop businesses in the US and so competition is fierce. With so many competitors, your new business will Read more

Here’s What You Need To Know Before Your First Meeting With An Italian Business

There are always bound to be some nerves when you decide to enter into a business relationship with someone you don’t know, and those anxieties only multiply when you introduce a language barrier. However, you should remember that this is a fantastic opportunity not just for your company, but for you to learn about a culture, a language and a whole different way of doing business.

Every nation has its own way of doing things, and there are few countries that come with as many preconceptions as Italy. We all know the stereotypes, just as they know ours, but it’s important to put those preconceived notions out of your head and do the research to avoid any embarrassing blunders. Here are a few things that you need to remember before you show up to your first meeting.

First Impressions Are Going To Be Important

This is certainly true of a … Read more

Angela’s Swim School: Guiding Aspiring Swimmers towards Zeniths

Swimming is known to be the fourth most popular physical activity and one of the best cardio exercises for all age groups. Whether you are a pro or a novice, a professional or someone who simply loves the activity, you will need an experienced coach to help you perfect the sport.

Angela’s Swim School is one such training institute that offers lessons to children and adults of all ages with effective techniques. We delved deeper into the training institute and here is what we learnt.

Following are the excerpts from the interview:

Give us a brief overview of your company, its vision, and its journey since inception.

We are now a franchised limited company created by a former Team GB international swimmer, Angela Wilson, Founder and CEO. What begun with one instructor in one pool has become a major provider of swimming lessons, that has taught thousands of children … Read more

Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs: The Right Place to Achieve your Fitness Goals

“We know how a woman thinks about her health and what drives her towards achieving her fitness goals. With almost all our key executives being female, we are very attuned to the woman of today,” says Diana Williams, the Founder and Managing Director of Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs.

This extensive comprehension of women’s health and fitness needs is what makes Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs one of the best fitness and gym franchises in the world, leading to being featured on the cover story of this edition.

“At Fernwood we are not focussed on how many clubs we open, as much as we are concerned about how financially strong each franchisee is. Fernwood’s success is due to strength of each of our franchisees.”

Fernwood was founded in 1989 when Diana recognised that women needed a place of their own – a sanctuary where they could exercise and reach … Read more