Construction companies face insurance cover drying up post-Grenfell – with SMEs the hardest hit

Rising professional indemnity insurance premiums and restrictions on cover are preventing construction companies from taking on projects, and could delay work to improve the safety of buildings post-Grenfell, an industry survey has revealed.

The issue is creating a “two-tier system” where only those firms prepared to procure appropriate PI cover can undertake higher-risk projects.

The Construction Leadership Council survey results indicate that PI insurance premiums increased almost four-fold at the last renewal, having doubled the year before. Meanwhile, a quarter of respondents reported losing work due to inadequate PI cover. A similar proportion have changed the nature of their work due to strict conditions and limitations placed on them by insurance firms.

Even though high rise residential work makes up less than 5% of the work of two-thirds of firms surveyed, almost one in three could not buy the cover they needed in the wake of the Read more

Traits of a Good Leader

Life isn’t getting any easier and if you’re looking to make it in this world, you’ve got to be one of two things: hard working or just plain lucky. Because, although some things will fall into your lap, they are few and far between. So why not take control and start really working for what you want.

Leading Instead of Forcing

Telling someone they must do something may get the job done, but it will come at a cost. Nothing be-littles people faster than being talked down to. In makes us feel inferior, unmotivated and lack passion. And these are key attributes you’ll want your staff to have.

Instead, guide people towards what you need them to achieve. Sometimes it’s just down to the simple wording; “would you mind…”, will get a better response than “do this…” But more often it’s a little more complicated. Ensuring your people are aware … Read more

Travel expert and mum uses lockdown to launch new business providing luxury wellbeing retreats

2020 began just like any other year, except it wasn’t. Just three months into the year the UK was put into a national lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and everything changed.

The pandemic has impacted people all over the world, and in more ways than one. And not just people, but businesses, too.

Whilst it was a tough time for many, business owners were forced to think on their feet and now, we are seeing an influx of new businesses that were founded through lockdown and now, not only are they surviving, but they’re also thriving.

Victoria Cranmer, a travel and mindfulness expert and mum, founded Mindful Escapes throughout lockdown after spotting a gap in the market for well-being retreats designed to help protect both mental and physical health.

She said, “At the beginning of 2020, my travel business Paradise Promotions was in a position where it was expected … Read more

Top Tips To Reduce Carbon Footprint by Saving Electricity Consumption At Home

With the world becoming more vigilant and aware of the rising environmental issues, there are more and more people who are joining hands to adhere to the go-green code. 

As a result, cutting down on electricity usage has turned out to be one of the most effective measures in this regard. Your small-small efforts to save energy not only liberate you from breaking your bank to pay the electricity bills at the end of the month, but also render a helping hand to save our planet earth. 

So here is how you can save on your electricity bills and pay a token of respect to Mother Earth:

Turn off devices, not in use

This is one of the basic steps you need to take to cut down on your electricity consumption. The energy demons such as TV, music devices, and other electronic appliances, if plugged in when not in use, Read more

How Technology and Gambling Are Intertwined

The rise of technology has completely changed the world in so many positive ways. For instance, technology has facilitated the development of washing machines that aids our laundry in a faster and more efficient way. Also, in the construction industry, the development of cranes is a vital innovation in the building of high-rise buildings.

Moreover, technology is a tool that enables instant financial transfer in banks and other institutions. Nevertheless, the application of technology in the gambling world has completely revolutionized the industry far beyond the impacts it is creating in other areas of human life.

Gambling is currently the biggest source of fun and entertainment in our world. However, this has been made possible by the application of technology in the industry leading to the development of some valuable innovations. It would been difficult to find the different ways technology and gambling are intertwined if they were no existing … Read more