7 Movie Villains Teaching Valuable Life Lessons

Mythical and epic stories from around the world are something everyone is familiar with and have witnessed at least once in their lifetime. In this modern world, as we enter a different mode of storytelling, movies have become an integral part of our lives.

Growing up, we have encountered numerous heroes and superheroes through the prominent movies of Marvel and DC comics. Besides these comic-based movies, numerous films have given us a sense of what is good and bad. Based on the plot and the story, some movie characters have also shown us what should be done, no matter how bad.

Most movies focus on an angle that portrays the good side of the story or shows the so-called ‘Hero’ is a good spotlight. Focusing entirely on the character’s good will and deeds, the character development of other characters is often border-lined, especially with the character of the villain.

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The Most Profitable Side Hustles In 2022

Side hustles have become quite popular since the pandemic. And while this could be due to the sudden increase in job loss and unemployment, it might also be due to more professionals realizing the power of a successful side hustle.

Not only are side hustles a great way to generate a bit of extra income, but they’re also a fantastic way to capitalize on a hobby or interest.

So, whether you’re hoping to make some extra money to put towards annual vacations or you’re hoping to get more out of your hobbies, we’ve listed the most profitable side hustles in 2022.

Selling Photo and Video Content

In today’s digital day and age, anyone can be a photographer and videographer with the right equipment and enough passion. There are also quite a few effective ways to successfully generate profit in this regard, from starting a YouTube channel to selling stock photos.… Read more

Etlworks: Providing Fundamental Data Integration Solutions

Data integration is the fuel of the modern world of AI. The data integration solutions are essential for gaining a holistic perspective on business operations, supply chains, modeling R&D budgets, and many other commercial purposes. Data integration solutions are quickly becoming the need of the hour for all businesses as AI promises major research outbreaks.

For example, in the pharmaceutical sector, AI and machine learning have discovered the main causes of chronic illnesses like cancer, HIV, Alzheimer’s, among others, at a fraction of the cost of human input. Furthermore, the technology has advanced the pace of discoveries in clinical research and a host of other industries.

The data integration solutions also promise tremendous cost-savings, easy-to-use operation handling software, and insights in real-time. One of the companies that are changing the outlook of global data integration solutions is Etlworks.

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elastic.io: The Most Sought-after iPaaS Provider

The market for Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) is booming and is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. This rapidly developing industry offers enterprises an opportunity to increase their agility by integrating new technologies into their existing enterprise architecture.

The demand for iPaaS solutions has been rising in a plethora of industries, including healthcare, finance, retail/e-commerce, and more. This evidently shows the need for proficient iPaaS solution providers who can cater to the needs of these diverse industries. In our quest to find such companies through this edition, World’s 10 Best Data Integration Solution Providers 2021, we came across elastic.io, an industry-first microservices-based hybrid iPaaS platform that empowers IT organizations to accelerate enterprise digital transformation.

In the following interview, Dr. Kevin J Mobbs, the Managing Director, sheds light on the company’s journey so far, its cutting-edge solutions, and their impact on industry and clients.

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Cyclr: Enabling Seamless Development, Execution, and Governance of Integration flows

As technology becomes key to the adoption of digitalization and business processes, arenas like iPaaS are quickly gaining momentum. The iPaaS or integration platform as a service is a complex and delicate equation.

Software integration is essential to handle the complexities of modern business systems and to manage niche requirements like hybrid cloud adoption, and such integration requires a personal touch to understand the various complexities associated with the client’s specific business.

Furthermore, it also requires tremendous expertise in software development. If done right, software integration can offer a substantial reduction in technological resources to deliver agile software development.

The iPaas arena is often overlooked due to the complexity of its nature among the non-tech-savvy audience. However, this remains one of the most technically challenging spaces in the software development arena.

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