Secrets of Success: Michael Colijn, CEO of Heliox

There’s nothing more current right now than the notion of sustainability and EV powered products.

Rapid charging therefore is essential to the framework for the country moving to adhere to all of the Government’s plans for a more planet friendly future. Heliox provides rapid charging infrastructure for some of the largest EV projects in Europe. Michael Colijn talks to Business Matters …

What products or services do you provide?

Heliox designs, builds, installs, maintains and monitors such infrastructure based on the needs of partners, prioritising on rapid charging, ability to scale in the medium and long run, and interoperability of fleet and charging infrastructure.

We work across public transport, e-trucks and a number of different sectors to provide fast charging systems that can efficiently power EVs for business and consumer convenience. We recently announced that in the last six months we have supplied over 1,000,000 charging sessions, the equivalent of … Read more

Rising consumer confidence boosts spending spree hopes

Consumer confidence has edged higher as shoppers prepare for a pre-Christmas spending spree despite soaring inflation and the prospect of an interest rate rise, a closely watched survey suggests.

GfK’s consumer confidence index has risen by three points to -14 this month, reversing a three-month losing downward streak.

The survey’s major purchase index — a gauge of appetite for big-ticket items — has risen by seven points and is now twenty-five points higher than it was at this time last year. The reading will be a fillip to retailers before next week’s Black Friday shopping event and the Christmas and new year period.

Consumers’ view of the general economic situation over the past year and for the 12 months ahead also has improved, by six points and three points, respectively.

GfK’s relatively upbeat findings indicate that many workers appear to have shrugged their shoulders at the sharply rising cost of … Read more

Getting EU Funding for Your Project: All You Need to Know

What Is a Horizon Europe Call for Proposal?

The call for Horizon Europe proposal is a means of advertising grant opportunities by the European Commission. The call for proposal includes information necessary for submitting a proposal; you should therefore read it carefully. The scope, targeted objectives and outcomes, evaluation criteria, and eligibility criteria are all defined in the call text. The purpose of defining these requirements is to ensure that your project proposal matches the call’s requirements perfectly. Actually, because of the high competition for EU funding and the competition against other excellent project proposals, it is best to ensure that your project proposal matches 110% with the call.

What Is the Next Step?

It is best to browse websites that offer an overview of available national and European calls for proposal. For instance, you can visit the European Commission’s official page of EU funding. You can use a keyword … Read more

Global Companies Adopting Latest Software For Productive And Organized Workforces

Businesses across the globe are adopting advanced software tools to keep teams productive, engaged, and organized. According to recent data, businesses are forecasted to spend over $600 Billion on enterprise software products this year. These tech solutions help modern organizations simplify employee responsibilities, automate repetitive tasks, and measure office productivity. As a business owner yourself, you may even find solutions that create a competitive advantage or replace your traditional paper processes. To help you get started, read on to learn about the businesses adopting advanced software tools to keep teams productive and organized.

Employee Engagement Apps

First and foremost, use employee engagement tools to improve individual and team recognition, retention, as well as well-being across your organization. These software tools measure current employee engagement levels across various departments in your organization. Then, you can utilize these metrics to brainstorm effective feedback, support employee involvement, and identify coaching opportunities. To obtain … Read more

How to Spot the Best CBD Tincture: A Guide

The interaction of advancement in technology and science became a blessing for the current generation. The modern era came to know about Cannabidiol- the new herbal remedy. It’s a plant derivative chemical that brings therapeutic effects to the body. The Cannabis Sativa plant is the source from where extraction of this organic chemical takes place. Its advantages are endless, and it is a non-psychoactive drug. It may seem surprising, but it does not contain any ingredient that can make a person high. So, it is a non-intoxicating compound with minimal mild drawbacks.

The industrial development of the Cannabis market led to the rise of many Cannabidiol-based products. CBD tincture is one of the many drug-based products available today. It may seem similar to CBD oil. However, its properties are unique. Its increasing fame led to the rise of many new brands. However, some of the sellers use low-quality Cannabidiol content … Read more