Everything You Need to Know When Managing Your Contractors

Many organizations will need to use contractors at one time or another, whether to manage a temporary increase in workload, complete a one-off project, or simply because it is easier to manage fluctuations in workload. Additionally, using contractors is a great way to get highly specialised or skilled people who may otherwise not want to be employed; often, contractors can command a higher salary.

When working with contractors, organizations need to ensure that their contractors are well-organized to be used sensibly and provide value for money to the organization. Additionally, there are many things that need to be considered when working with contractors.

  • Flexibility

Many organizations choose to use contractors because of the flexibility it offers. If they do not have work available for the contractor, there is no need to provide payment, unlike employees who will be paid irrespective of the amount of work available. However, this flexibility works … Read more

Ocado sales slip as shoppers return to pre-Covid habits

Ocado has reported its first ever sales decline as the grocery home shopping boom triggered by the pandemic dissipates.

Sales at the online supermarket fell 0.7% in the 12 weeks to 8 August, according to the latest snapshot from the grocery market analysts Kantar, which described it as the “first decline on record”.

Shoppers were returning to stores in far greater numbers as social distancing restrictions eased, said Fraser McKevitt, Kantar’s head of retail and consumer insight, which was having an impact on online food sales.

“Those who have come to love the convenience of an online shop are sticking with it,” he said. “But the unconverted are starting to drop away, preferring to get back to store instead.”

About a fifth of the population in Great Britain bought groceries online in the latest four weeks, the lowest level since October, while the share of grocery sales made online stands … Read more

How to Build a Successful Annuity Business

Sales is a lucrative profession if you’re good at it. Selling insurance is attractive since it usually generates a steady income stream for the agent. And annuities are one of the easiest insurance products to sell. That’s because you’re offering peace of mind in retirement rather than making them fearful when you talk about house fires or disabling accidents. Here are a few tips on how to build a successful annuity business.

Get the Necessary Licensing

If you’re going to sell insurance, you will need an insurance agent license. However, annuities can be considered security rather than an insurance policy. If you’re going to sell fixed annuities, this won’t require a securities license. If you’re going to sell variable annuities, then you need a 6 and 63 securities license, as well.

Understand Your Products

People are reluctant to buy complex financial products because they do not understand them. When someone … Read more

What Should Be Outsourced in Your Company vs. What Shouldn’t Be

What is outsourcing?

Many unseen tasks go into running a business. These tasks can be tedious, but they are extremely important. This is where outsourcing comes in. A business can’t run successfully without certain tasks being performed. But assigning employees to work on these tasks takes away too much time from other important business matters. This is when outsourcing comes into the picture.

Outsourcing is when a business hires another company specializing in a task to perform it for them. Now, the question is, which business tasks should be outsourced?

Outsource These Tasks

Generally, these four tasks are the most outsourced.

Human Resources

Human resources deal with all aspects of managing employees. This can include interviewing, hiring, training, onboarding, payroll, benefits, and even termination. These are a lot of tasks that many businesses don’t have the time for. This sector of a business is usually the most outsourced.

Customer ServiceRead more

How to Win Your Workers’ Compensation Claim: Tips from the Experts

Workers’ compensation is a system of insurance meant to protect employees injured on the job. The idea behind it is that workers are entitled to financial protection if injured while working without having to prove negligence. It’s an important law, but many times people do not receive all they’re legally entitled to because they don’t have guidance navigating the complex process. Here are some expert tips on how to win your workers’ compensation claim.

Hire An Experienced Lawyer Early On In The Process

Some people see hiring a lawyer as a means to avoid paying their fair share of medical bills, but workers’ compensation is really about getting your medical care covered. This is where lawyers come in; Workers Compensation Lawyers have the expertise to help you get the right treatment and push for compensation so that you can recover on time. Don’t shy away from using a lawyer’s services … Read more