New Ventures of the Online Gambling Industry in 2021

The online gambling industry continues to evolve in leaps and bounds. Technological advances, consumer demand, and the rising popularity of cryptocurrency are just a few things that operators must adjust to if they are to succeed. Metap conducted some research on this field to find out what developments we can expect in 2021 and beyond.


Using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum for online gambling has surged in the past couple of years. While many of the biggest operators have yet to embrace crypto, we’ve recently seen a few big names in online gambling take the plunge. Some of them even allow customers to purchase and trade Bitcoin right on the site. Year 2021 should see more online betting sites introduce cryptocurrencies to their available payment options.

Higher Player Participation Rates and Revenues

The internet has created a global gambling community that has steadily grown over the past several … Read more

How to Choose the Right Neighborhood

Choosing the right neighborhood is as confusing as finding a dream house. There are many decisions that you have to make before you get a perfect home. Similarly, when choosing the right neighborhood, you have to brace yourself for an equally bumpy ride. Most individuals face the challenges of identifying a good area, especially if children are in question.

Different neighborhoods come with unique offerings, and thus, it would help to get some tricks of finding a good community up your sleeves. Here are some of the factors to consider:

  1. Educational Facilities

It is best to consider the local school district before buying a house. Schools generally affect future sales in so many ways, from ease to timeliness. The school district is a significant consideration whether you have children already, do not have, or expecting one. Before you decide to buy a house, ensure the local school district is ideal Read more

Cleaning Business as a Pandemic Opportunity – Lessons for Women Entrepreneurs

COVID-19 has hit most business domains hard, but some are thriving amid the opportunity. Commercial cleaning is one of these, as homeowners and business owners want to go the extra mile with cleaning and sanitation. While existing businesses are going a notch higher, new ones also want to make the best of this massive opportunity.

Although the domain is traditionally male-oriented, women entrepreneurs are keen to join the bandwagon to leverage the advantage. The start may be a tad tougher if you are a woman, but your gender need not keep you from achieving success. Here are some lessons that can help you get the best start with your cleaning business.

Knowledge is the key

The cleaning industry is not the most glamorous, but there is a lot to learn. Begin with the basics because you will need them to set up initially. The pandemic has made things complex for Read more

John Cushing: Accelerating Decision Making with Data and Technology

Technology has the power to make complicated things more simplified and save the valuable time of businesses. It is possible to gain valuable insights using the statistical data and technology to make calculated business decisions. Technology enthusiasts utilize the data and technology to accelerate the speed of decision making and thereby save their valuable time. John Cushing is one such technology enthusiast who believes that it is vital for businesses to be aligned with newer technological developments to accelerate decision making. John is CEO at mnAI, a growth stage data and technology company. mnAI believes in a world where technology accelerates decision making. John’s days at the company are incredibly varied – from helping with sales through to product development, his role is to ensure that the strategic aims of the business are achieved.

Enabling Users Targeted Information More Rapidly

Like any start-up, the journey of mnAI from inception … Read more

Leigh Rust: Passionate About Personal Development and Constant Learning

Innovative leaders believe in constant learning. They learn through a variety of ways. They are filled with great insights that allow them to make smart business decisions that count.

One such innovative leader is Leigh Rust, who is passionate about constant learning and someone who likes to take calculated decisions and make them count. Leigh is the Co-founder and Director of Safetyline Jalousie – an Australian louver window manufacturer. Leigh established the company alongside his brother Nathan in 2010 after they spent 10 years working at their father’s manufacturing business Vergola.

Drawing Inspiration From Great People and Authors

Leigh has certainly drawn a lot of inspiration from his father and uncle over the years. Growing up, having both of these figures in his life be in business certainly had a big impact on him and the path he chose.

Outside his immediate circle, Leigh is also inspired by business … Read more