British Airways pilots threaten strike action over pay deal as summer of discontent continues

British Airways pilots are threatening to strike as passengers look set to face more holiday chaos as the summer of discontent continues.

Balpa, the union representing thousands of pilots, has said industrial action could be necessary as it looked to secure pay rises for its BA members.

The airline says it remains committed to talks with unions but any walkout is likely to cause widespread disruption. BA was forced to cancel all its scheduled flights the last time pilots walked out in September 2019.

The threat adds to a tumultuous period for the airline, which has already been forced into cancelling tens of thousands of short-haul flights up to October, affecting hundreds of thousands of passengers.

A Balpa source told Travelling For Business that the airline “seem to ignore you until you issue a ballot”.

The source highlighted the recent success of other unions in securing pay deals for check-in … Read more

TechRadar 2022: 5 Amazing Gadgets You Need to Buy

Are you always anticipating the arrival of a cool new gadget, anxious to play around with innovative technologies? Or perhaps, you’re on the hunt for a crafty gift idea for your partner or friend obsessed with futuristic tools? Either way, the 2022 tech radar is brimming with amazing new releases designed to elevate our lifestyles with comfort, convenience, and endless entertainment.

You can invest in a hi-tech fitness watch to boost your cardio regime or cutting-edge headphones to make online gaming more immersive. The market is brimming with amazing gadgets, from home entertainment systems and gaming consoles to air fryers, smart pressure cookers, and much more.

Read on to explore our picks for the best gadgets to buy in 2022.

1.The Apple Watch 7

The newest version of Apple’s iconic smartwatch, the sleek Watch 7, is being touted as the best fitness wearable device to buy this year. The … Read more

The Athenaeum Hotels and Residences: Offering Nothing Less Than the Finest Experiences

The ways of the world have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. On an individual and industrial level, every process has been changed to comply with the safety standards to avoid contracting the virus and any of its variants that might arise in the future. The industry that must take the most care in following these safety regulations and guidelines is the hospitality sector, which comes most in contact with its clients.

Keeping in mind its duty and necessity, one of the hotels that has transformed the way it used to operate to make it safer is The Athenaeum Hotels and Residences.

In the following interview, Bernard Murphy the Group Managing Director talks in detail about the values of the hotel and how it is doing everything possible to make the guest experience in their hotel the finest.

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The Cozy Peach: Bringing Back Home the Farm Life Experience

Since the beginning of time, humans have traveled for different reasons. Be it to explore and discover new lands or, as people popularly pursue these days, to ‘recharge their batteries. The latter part of it covers tourism.

The origin of the modern tourism that we see today can be traced back to almost the 17th century when a bunch of young nobles from western and northern European countries decided to take a trip around Europe. This was called the Grand Tour. It was only the start of a phenomenon that has now grown to be a multi-million-dollar industry.

One of the biggest contributing factors to this ever-growing and flourishing industry happens to be luxury tourism. In recent years, luxury tourism has especially become a prominent choice that people make to maintain a heightened social image. Although the services offered in luxury tourism are all premium and exclusive, they have a … Read more

Buy Only From A Legitimate Green Horned Vendor For Your Kratom Fix

Green Horn Leaves are a particularly hard-to-come-by variety of Kratom. Because this particular strain of Mitragyna speciosa has leaves that are shaped differently than those of any other variety of the genus, it is known by this specific name. At first, only people in Southeast Asia were aware of its existence and benefits, but these days, people worldwide know about it.

Although it can only be grown in Asia, a large number of vendors are selling this particular strain of Kratom all over the world. However, only a small fraction of them have dependable stock products in their inventory. Choose a green horned vendor who is willing to show you proof that the Kratom products they sell have been lab-tested, and do your research by looking for reviews on forums and websites regarding Kratom.

Green Horn is known to have extraordinary beneficial effects on one’s energy levels. It is powerful, … Read more