Capella Ubud: Your New Favorite Place for a Perfect Retreat 

When you are feeling lost with the everyday chaos and need some quality time to relax, then taking a vacation is the perfect deed to do. Taking a break from the usual routine, spending some quality time with yourself, family, or friends is the best rejuvenator in such a situation.

While planning a vacation, the typical first step is to find a perfect location. A location, which will add beautiful memories and quality experience to one’s life. One such beautiful location is Capella Ubud, Situated in Bali. This beautiful destination is set within a dramatic terraced landscape, with prominent rice paddies surrounding the entrance, leading through a densely forested valley all the way down to the sacred Wos River.

The destination is managed by Mark Swinton, the General Manager of Capella Ubud, who has thirty years of experience in the luxury hospitality industry. He makes sure that every … Read more

Jaya House River Park: Delivering an All-inclusive Leisure Experience

A budget is probably the first thing that anyone thinks of when planning a vacation anywhere. Other aspects like venue, transportation, and duration follow after figuring out how much one can actually spend on the vacation.

If a person wants to spend some quality leisure time at a decent hotel, they have to think about the added expenses that come about with availing exclusive in-house services like spa, breakfast, bar lounge, etc. Keeping this in mind, one has to overestimate the budget that they derive, which might go beyond their spending capacity in order to make a successful relaxed holiday. But with the all-inclusive service of Jaya House River Park, this concern is put to rest.

Situated alongside the serene Siem Reap River, and surrounded by lush greenery, Jaya House River Park is a hidden gem for all hodophiles.

In the following interview, Christian de Boer, the … Read more

Keemala: Escape the Mediocre. Experience Your Own Paradise

Imagine a place where you are being healed by the nature, experiencing a pleasant environment, and are far away from your everyday work; an atmosphere where your senses are all working together in harmony, a luxurious and serene experience that you dreamt of!

Keemala delivers you that experience with an all-pool villa wonderland set in the rainforest of Kamala, Phuket. An architectural marvel blended with the natural surrounding and a flavour of Thai culture. Located in the scenic beauty comprised of hills within the lush woodlands, Keemala offers you a luxurious ride in the evergreen paradise.

Keemala is a uniquely designed resort with an eco-conscious ethos. Its 38 villas are romantic cocoons that evoke a dramatic sense of escape. All four villa types are different but equally extraordinary, from tree houses that seemingly dangle from the greenery to nomadic tent structures with quirky traveling chests awaiting the next adventure.

A Read more

The Perks of Remote Business, Even Post-Pandemic

When the pandemic struck in 2020, businesses everywhere were forced to go remote or to pay the price. While many companies had the scaffolding in place for remote work, others had to play catch up and fast.

But now that the worst of the pandemic is passed, executives face a series of choices regarding remote work. Is it worth continuing these policies after so much has been invested, or does the in-person office setup still reign supreme?

Perhaps a hybrid model is the best of both worlds, allowing workers to come and go as they choose while still making the most of remote infrastructure. Remote work has plenty of perks to this day, so let’s see why businesses are sticking with these plans for the time being.

Productivity and Output

Studies repeatedly show that remote setups lead to more work getting done at a higher quality rate. Employees tend to … Read more

Achieving Lower Carbon Emissions: New Building Regulations

An ambitious government target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 was always going to have a knock-on effect on property developers and investors, as was the announcement of a new minimum EPC rating of C for all households by 2035.

The majority of new-build properties in the UK achieve a B rating or higher. But even where a property meets the new minimum EPC requirements, new building regulations coming into effect imminently place further responsibilities on the shoulders of builders and developers.

A raft of new regulations will come into play as of June 15, 2022. The aim of the regulatory overhaul is to ensure that all new residential buildings constructed in the UK have total carbon dioxide emissions at least 30% lower than current standards.

The new rules will apply to all types of residential dwellings – standard homes, flats, care homes, student accommodation, and so on. Meanwhile, all … Read more