How to Use Marketing Videos in Your Email Campaign?

Using online video for email marketing is a method that can help your emails stand out in the inboxes. It is based on HTML5 videos, GIFs, and static images with a play button as a link to a video to boost users’ engagement through emails.

Including one in your email sends, is a sure-fire approach to boost your metrics like increasing email opens, click-throughs, and conversions. It can also catch and maintain your recipients’ attention. There are a few basic steps to guarantee your messages are delivered correctly. Whether you feature your video at the top or scatter it throughout your message, it will have an impact on your email. Thus, there are many websites that can support you to do this, such as Promo’s video maker.

How Does an Online Video Maker Benefit an Email Marketing campaign?

Videos attract a lot of attention. People are more drawn to moving Read more

What are Value Stocks and How to Find Value Stocks to Invest in?

What are Value Stocks?

In the simplest terms, a value stock is a strategy where investors look forward to buying stocks that are on sale, specifically at a discount or lower than their intrinsic value. Value investors want to buy stocks for less than what they are worth. The equivalent of a cheaper or discounted stock in the stock market is when the shares are undervalued. Value investors hope to profit from the stocks they perceive to be the ones deeply discounted. Value stocks are the shares of a company that appears to trade at lower prices relative to its fundamentals like dividends, earnings, and sales.

With value stocks, the company’s stock price can change even when the company’s value remains the same. For instance, stocks like TVs go through varied periods of high and low demand leading to price fluctuations, but that does not change what you are getting … Read more

The Role of Data

Our knowledge, from the very beginning, relays on data that are the foundation of what we called experience. We build our experience by collecting data. One example is the medical science where doctors have learned by collecting data (symptoms) and put them in relation with the diseases learning how to find the right cure from the continuous observation of the evolution of these data.

Let’s think about history; we have learned to know the past of human civilization by collecting data from the most varied sources, putting them in relation to each other to reconstruct what may have happened, to understand how people lived in the most remote times, to understand the relationships and events that have occurred.

So why we call out time the big data time and talk about the big data revolution? What is changed? Today, what has changed is the amount of data we have at … Read more

London Pop-Up Gives New Designers a Head Start

The outbreak of covid-19 shocked UK’s retail sectors. According to experts from the fashion platform, last year saw the closing of 17,500 venues, some of which are chain stores. This is a huge 48 venue closures per day. As the country is gradually easing restrictions, London’s West End has launched a new program to attract shoppers back to the streets.

The pop-up venture is the result of a collaboration between the New West End Company, the Westminster City Council and the landlord Crown Estate. And the council has designated up to £5,000 for brand marketing and erecting installations in the area.

According to the released statement, the program has been masterminded to provide a place in London’s West End for up-and-coming talent to showcase their designs.

The Associate Director of the New West End Company said that they are eager to embrace this new concept to … Read more

A Guide to Know about Homeowners Associations (HOA)

A homeowner’s association is a legally established committee responsible for the community’s quality and value of the properties.

A homeowners’ association (HOA) is a non-profit organization located inside a planned community, subdivision, or condominium that establishes and enforces regulations governing the properties and their inhabitants. Individuals who buy property within an HOA jurisdiction get a membership and are obliged to pay an HOA fee. Some organizations may be very strict about their rules and regulations of how their members use their property.

Understanding HOA

The majority of homeowner associations (HOA’s) are established inside neighborhoods or communities of single-family houses or multi-unit buildings (like condominiums). Typically, HOA’s are formed to create and enforce regulations governing the properties under their authority. An HOA is created of – and run by – the residents of the neighborhood. Generally, in a neighborhood with an HOA, established for maintaining the rules and regulations of the Read more