CJ Chemicals: Redefining Industry Benchmarks through Exemplary Customer Service

It would be quite obvious to state that customer service must be at the heart of any business. The key to flourishing and furthering any business is listening to the customer’s concerns and needs with patience and empathy, and genuinely caring about efficiently finding a solution to suit their needs.

Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company! It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back. Without customers, there is no company!” – Connie Edler

As rightfully highlighted in the quote above, the number one job in any company is to provide excellent customer service, and CJ Chemicals is a company that functions on the exact same foundation of values.

Founded in the year 2010, with strong roots in the Midwest, CJ Chemicals is redefining the industry standards for excellent customer service. The company has an extensive experience of regularly … Read more

Lisa Thee: Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Human Experience

Artificial Intelligence was created to improve the quality of technological developments. However, it is not meant to replace humans but assist them in creating a better environment, elevating the human experience by solving technical problems smarter and faster. Spreading this philosophy is, Lisa Thee, the Data For Good Sector Leader at Launch Consulting, is making AI a human-friendly experience so that people lead a better life.

Launch Consulting navigates world-class organizations through digital transformation. Lisa leads the team by helping people harness data, implement the tech they need in a digital-first world, and enhance the human experience. The company is crafting connected, personalized apex experiences so business leaders by are guided through all stages of transformation.

The Launch to Sky

Before leading Launch Consulting’s Data for Good sector, Lisa had a long and learning-filled career working on different tangents. She started her corporate career in Intel’s Hybrid Cloud Group … Read more

Find Baker Racks Online for Sale

Fresh baked goods are an easy way to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The intoxicating aromas floating throughout the house will quickly put any disagreements on pause as everyone converges on the kitchen to find out what just came out of the oven. They’ll find the blueberry pie, chocolate cake, or peanut butter cookies cooling on the baker’s rack, begging to be eaten.

Years ago, the only reason people had baker racks in their home were for the purposes mentioned above, cooling baked goods. Now, amateur, and professional bakers aren’t the only ones using these racks. Many have taken the versatile piece and customized it to fit their household needs. Let’s take a look at what some of those needs are.

Appliance storage is something home cooks always need more of as new gadgets come out. Each one makes cooking something easier than before, so you collect them all. … Read more

Actikem Ltd: Enhancing Lives Through Chemistry

Chemistry has changed human lives for the better. Hasn’t it?

Nowadays, chemicals are used to make everything from baking powder to salt, toothpaste to soap, sanitizer to medicines, and much more. These products enable individuals to lead healthy and clean life. Chemicals are important, but even more important is handling them carefully. A little lapse can cause colossal trouble.

Since chemicals are such a vital part of products and machines used globally, they are always in huge demand. Corporations are forever in need of meeting their chemical demands without any hurdles. However, there are various challenges in chemical sourcing, manufacturing, or repackaging processes. Solving them can consume valuable time and resources. To deal with such challenges and meet clients’ chemical demands on time, Actikem Ltd. was founded.

Actikem specializes in the chemical storage, mixing, blending, and repackaging of industrial chemicals. It has comprehensive facilities to meet all third-party be-spoke manufacturing … Read more

3 Reasons to Customize Your Shipping Boxes

We’ve all seen custom shipping boxes, and we might even receive several of them every week as we receive orders placed online. You may not think about it much at the time since we see so many of them. Still, custom shipping boxes tend to influence shopper behavior by positively impacting our opinions of those companies, even if only subconsciously.

There are three key reasons you should invest in customized shipping boxes for your business: brand identity, brand awareness, and custom box sizes. There are many benefits to each of these factors. Let’s take a look at those advantages.

Brand Identity

Your business is more than the products and services you offer. It’s more than your employees. It’s more than the excellent customer service or contributions you make. The truth is that your business is all of those things and much more. Your brand identity is how customers and potential … Read more