Struggling With Project Management? Use Kanban Board to Handle Your Next Project

The Kanban board is a workflow visualization tool that can help you improve productivity by reducing work in progress and bringing clarity to your work process.

You’ll be able to rapidly identify troublesome work phases with this increased degree of transparency. Then, by fixing them, your team will be able to work more effectively in no time.

This article will explain what a Kanban board is, go over the basics, and highlight key points you should know, especially if you’re new to the concept.

What is the Kanban Board?

A kanban board is a seamless project management tool that helps in visualizing work, limiting work-in-progress, and accelerating productivity (or flow). In addition, it can assist agile and DevOps teams in establishing order in their day-to-day operations.

Kanban boards assist technology and service teams in committing to the proper amount of work and completing it using cards, columns, and continuous improvement.… Read more

How does CRM Benefits Architectural and Engineering Firms?

Customer Relationship Management is the crucial aspect of all the manufacturing industries that determines their success. And it’s quite hard to maintain a good quality relationship with the customers. However, CRM software makes this task very lenient and hassle-free by shifting all the processes to automatic mode. The use of digital tools, especially CRM, for engineering firms and architectural industries has greatly enhanced recently. Due to this reason, both fields earn extreme popularity in a short period.

CRM tools have a multitude of benefits, and every entrepreneur trusts them for healthy customer relationship management. It boosts the customer’s trust in the firm by streamlining their data and providing immediate responses to their queries. Various software manufacturing companies such as BQE CORE are providing a huge variety of tools to streamline business processes. However, each software has specific features, and best serves a particular type of industry. Therefore, in the selection … Read more

Barbara Antonucci: A Strategic Litigator in all Areas of Employment Law and a Change Agent for DEI and More

Barbara Antonucci had to change hats and carry on the legacy of her dear friend and mentor, who passed away unexpectedly. It was the start of a more significant chapter in her life, filled with various lessons and conflicts. Despite the challenges, she continued to improve and move forward with the tenacity she has shown since she entered the legal profession.

Barbara is a Partner at Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP, and is an accomplished employment litigator who practices all aspects of employment law.

Succeeding on a Path of Thorns

After graduating from law school, Barbara spent 14 years practicing law at two large firms before joining Constangy in January 2017 to launch the firm’s San Francisco office. Through her prior experiences, she learned a great deal about what makes a good litigator and advisor and the characteristics of corporate culture that breed success and happiness. When she joined … Read more

Griska Group: Transporting Products Beyond the Boundaries

Napoleon Bonaparte once famously said, “An army marches on its stomach,” that is, battles can only be won if the army is connected with efficient logistics. Cut shot to the modern age, and army wars changed to business wars. Definitions changed, but the immense importance of logistics is still the same, and so does the success mantra – “To win the profit war, a business must be well-equipped with the effective logistics.”

Logistics is the backbone of the business economy. It is an important part of the supply chain, which controls the effective forward-backwards flow of products and services. A couple of decades ago, rapid globalization expanded new horizons for the business sector, and resultantly logistics management companies emerged.

One of the prominent names in that list is Griska Group, which is specialized in the handling of raw materials and liquid bulk products in the food and chemical sector, … Read more

Whitby ends second home ownership as holiday cottages send local house prices sky high

Furious locals won a landslide victory last night in the first round of a campaign to purge a seaside town of second home and holiday cottage owners.

Huge queues former outside polling stations yesterday as Whitby residents voted to end second home ownership in the North Yorkshire resort.

Of the 2,228 votes cast, just under a 23 per cent turn out, there were 2,111 votes in favour and only 157 against, with 18 ballot papers rejected, it was announced at midnight.

Seething locals say Captain Cook’s old port has been swamped with holiday cottages – sending local house price sky high.

Local businesses cannot get staff because the area is too expensive to attract new people while existing residents are forced to buy elsewhere.
Campaigner and local politician Philip Trumper said: ‘What we are finding is Whitby house prices are unaffordable to local people and they are having to leave … Read more