National Trust to give staff siestas in the summer months

The National Trust is giving its workers siestas in summer due to increasingly hot weather because of climate change.

Staff and volunteers in the south of England will be given more Mediterranean working hours, with a long lunch break and the day starting earlier and finishing later. This will allow them to avoid the hottest part of the day, as people already do in countries such as Italy and Spain.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “It’s fair to say that as we experience more extreme temperatures, we will be looking to offer Mediterranean working hours, especially in the east which is likely to experience more frequent higher temperatures to ensure the health and safety of our staff and volunteers.”

This has already begun at Ham House in Richmond, south London, which was forced to close for the first time in August 2019 as temperatures reached more than 40C. Staff … Read more

Open banking APIs in the UK

Generally, open banking is known as a banking practice that allows the interchange of data across banks and third-party financial service providers to their consumers’ benefit. By encouraging data sharing between financial institutions, open banking aims to transform the banking industry entirely.

Practically, this new banking practice forces account-holding financial institutions to create open access into their customer accounts to other financial service providers. Third parties can connect and retrieve previously-locked consumers‘ financial data thanks to open banking APIs, also known as Application Programming Interfaces.

APIs are software that allows to form a connection between two different applications and simplify the retrieval, exchange, and presentation of financial information.

Why do open banking APIs matter?

As open banking requires banks to deliver access to their customers’ data, banks become API providers. This new definition for banks means that banks build their open interfaces. These interfaces are available to any third-party services … Read more

Why a Career in Cybersecurity Might Be Right for You

Choosing a career path is one of the most challenging decisions you might ever make. You’re essentially planning how your life will play out, and it’s not a decision to make lightly. Many industry opportunities can present themselves, but one may pique your curiosity more than others. Cybersecurity might be worth a closer look, and here’s why:

Job Opportunities

One of the first things you might notice when you study cyber security online is how many job opportunities exist in this field. As technology advances, security risks can increase, and businesses want to protect their assets at all costs.

A significant shortage of cybersecurity professionals means that you may have no problems securing a role in your preferred line of work after completing your studies. Further education to become a penetration tester or security architect might even see you more in demand, allowing you to enjoy competitive salaries and other … Read more

Technologies Which are Disrupting Future of Pharma Industry

Industry 4.0. This term is becoming more common when used to describe a company’s vision for how they look to optimize operations, increase the quality of their product and services, deliver a superior quality experience, and enable more cost efficient outcomes. We see this this term used in various industries ranging from manufacturing, to telecommunications, to agriculture. The world around us is becoming more connected and more productive than ever before due to new technologies being integrated into these industries that effect our personal and professional lives.

However, there are some industries that have taken a back seat with regards to the quick adoption and implementation of newer technologies. One such industry that we all have, or will eventually rely on at some point in our lives is, the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. In the 1980’s, the average time to research, develop, and approve a therapeutic was 13-15 years and … Read more

Adriana Arvizo: Leading with Empathy

In the current business world, where employees are navigating their personal and professional challenges occurred due to pandemic, empathy is a powerful tool to forge long-lasting relationships with them. Leaders who practice empathy aim at developing a compassionate and helpful workplace atmosphere where all employees thrive. Adriana Arvizo is one such leader who likes to contribute positively to her organization by leading with empathy and compassion.

As External Communications Manager at Comcast, Adriana is responsible for conceptualizing and executing public relations campaigns designed to maintain a favorable public image for the company. Adriana supports growth of Comcast business and residential products through strategic partnerships, media relations, and social media campaigns. She also helps create awareness of Comcast’s community impact efforts through storytelling and by developing relationships with key stakeholders. Lastly, she often serves as a spokesperson in the California region for English and Spanish-speaking audiences.

Award Winning Journalist

Named … Read more