Travel expert and mum uses lockdown to launch new business providing luxury wellbeing retreats

2020 began just like any other year, except it wasn’t. Just three months into the year the UK was put into a national lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and everything changed.

The pandemic has impacted people all over the world, and in more ways than one. And not just people, but businesses, too.

Whilst it was a tough time for many, business owners were forced to think on their feet and now, we are seeing an influx of new businesses that were founded through lockdown and now, not only are they surviving, but they’re also thriving.

Victoria Cranmer, a travel and mindfulness expert and mum, founded Mindful Escapes throughout lockdown after spotting a gap in the market for well-being retreats designed to help protect both mental and physical health.

She said, “At the beginning of 2020, my travel business Paradise Promotions was in a position where it was expected … Read more

Top Tips To Reduce Carbon Footprint by Saving Electricity Consumption At Home

With the world becoming more vigilant and aware of the rising environmental issues, there are more and more people who are joining hands to adhere to the go-green code. 

As a result, cutting down on electricity usage has turned out to be one of the most effective measures in this regard. Your small-small efforts to save energy not only liberate you from breaking your bank to pay the electricity bills at the end of the month, but also render a helping hand to save our planet earth. 

So here is how you can save on your electricity bills and pay a token of respect to Mother Earth:

Turn off devices, not in use

This is one of the basic steps you need to take to cut down on your electricity consumption. The energy demons such as TV, music devices, and other electronic appliances, if plugged in when not in use, Read more

How Technology and Gambling Are Intertwined

The rise of technology has completely changed the world in so many positive ways. For instance, technology has facilitated the development of washing machines that aids our laundry in a faster and more efficient way. Also, in the construction industry, the development of cranes is a vital innovation in the building of high-rise buildings.

Moreover, technology is a tool that enables instant financial transfer in banks and other institutions. Nevertheless, the application of technology in the gambling world has completely revolutionized the industry far beyond the impacts it is creating in other areas of human life.

Gambling is currently the biggest source of fun and entertainment in our world. However, this has been made possible by the application of technology in the industry leading to the development of some valuable innovations. It would been difficult to find the different ways technology and gambling are intertwined if they were no existing … Read more

Auto Industry: one of the most important sectors of the economy in the UAE

In a research by the Emirates NBD, after Saudi Arabia, UAE holds the second-largest automotive market position in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

UAE Minister of Economic, Abdulla Bin Touq Al Marri, also stated that one of the most vital sectors to be emphasized for the future economy is the automobile industry. The development of the auto industry brings about crucial changes in the manufacturing sector by employing innovation and advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) in cars. Such actions have brought in modern mobility solutions and transformed the transportation sector.

He further mentioned the automobile industry as a crucial part of successfully achieving the vision of UAE in 2021. The sector encourages economic diversification and influences national strategy for a competitive business environment.

If we are to mention a leading global automobile company in UAE, it would most probably be General Motors. Because General Motors in UAE is an … Read more

Bitcoin – A Pretty Popular Crypto

We’re already part of the next stage in the evolution of finance. That’s because the fintech era has given us a new kind of currency to work with. The cryptocurrency is there to change what we know about fiat currencies. In other words, this kind of currency has no banknotes or coins that go into circulation. There are several cryptocurrencies available, but Bitcoin stands out.

That’s because it offers several benefits to users. It’s a decentralized currency so no third party will have access to your account. In that regard, you’re the sole owner of your Bitcoin and you’ll maintain it by yourself without having the need to rely on a third party to do it for you. The public and private keys are key to Bitcoin transactions.

The former is the one that you can share with any other Bitcoin user. But the latter is the one you need … Read more