From Black Friday to the Festive Season: 8 tips for small businesses to stand-out

Every year, Black Friday kicks off a pivotal time of year for many small businesses – from independent retailers, to fully digital companies.

However, it’s becoming more and more challenging to stand out of the crowd. There are some key tips and tricks for getting set up, and maximising your online presence around this time, and it’s not too late to get the ball in motion.  Peggy de Lange, VP International Expansion at online marketplace, Fiverr explains how.

Offer Promotional Bundles

Do you have products or services that compliment one another? If so, think about how you can bundle them together and offer someone a deal they can’t refuse. Product bundles can be a great option for pushing a customer over line.

Offer Pre Orders

If you have products that are high in demand, pre-ordering products lets you adjust the stock levels and manage the potential of running out of … Read more

Britains’s crisps shortage eases, but multipack stocks remain low

Britain’s crisp shortage has begun to ease but supplies on shelves remain low, with a quarter of shops still struggling to find stock.

Multipack crisps were ranked the lowest in availability, with 29 per cent of stores recorded as either having “none” or “low” according to the Office for National Statistics, which monitored supplies between November 19-22. The data was collected by Kantar Public in the course of 270 shop visits.

The 24 per cent total of shops where there were none or few of the products was down on the 33 per cent recorded a week earlier but crisps were still the hardest-to-find product on the shelves.

Paracetamol, ibuprofen, sparkling water and frozen turkeys were the next most affected items. There were also shortages of fresh pork and chicken, with 4 per cent and 2 per cent respectively of shops reporting zero availability. Of all the items monitored, 10 … Read more

How the shifting data landscape will re-shape B2B marketing in 2022

Marketers were faced with the loss of cookie data, but this move to a cookie-less world was then postponed. Meanwhile, an increase in ‘opt-out’ legislation, has led to a reduction in the amount of data available to drive B2B marketing strategies and fuel campaigns.

Jon Clarke, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Cyance, a leading provider of European intent data, has reviewed the current landscape and shares his thoughts on how the data landscape will shift in 2022, and how B2B marketers can capitalise.

As the tracking cookie continues to crumble, the big question on marketers minds is ‘what will we do now?’. How are we supposed to understand our customers and future proof our tech stack and marketing strategy?

The good news is, despite all of the change and uncertainty, 2022 will provide plenty of opportunities for B2B marketers to re-define their use of data, driving better engagement with … Read more

No Time To Make A Profit as latest bond set to make loss despite taking $730m at the box office

In his 007 swansong No Time To Die, Daniel Craig is tasked with saving the world from a fictional contagion.

If reports are to be believed, the tougher mission has proved to be protecting his film from a virus that is very much a real one.

Craig’s acclaimed final outing as James Bond is the most successful Hollywood film of the year. After grossing more than $730 million at the global box office, it is the top performing film of the coronavirus pandemic, which posed an existential threat to the industry by closing cinemas for months on end and wiping the release calendar clear.

However, the film, which was released in September, may still end up losing money, according to Variety magazine.

It cited industry insiders who claimed the film — which had a reported budget of more than $250 million — could lose up to $100 million in its … Read more

Compensation and the ‘law of everything’: why data protection isn’t the new PPI

Data protection is seldom out of the headlines these days. Whether its massive data breaches involving multinational companies, members of the royal family suing national newspapers.

Even the legality of your Ring doorbell provides a data protection angle to many news stories.

Maybe this isn’t so surprising. The modern world increasingly runs on the fuel of personal information. From our weekly shop, to our music and television consumption, personalisation is at the heart of our increasingly connected society. There are huge benefits from this trend, both for us as consumers and for the companies who collect our information. But there are also risks, particularly where companies misuse our data or allow it to fall into the wrong hands.

Data protection law is intended to give us as individuals rights over how our data is used, and to impose obligations on organisations that process that data. As the trends towards increased … Read more