5 ways to effectively communicate with customers around safety policies and procedures

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As a small business owner, you likely had to change several aspects of your operations because of COVID-19. From protecting your employees to enforcing social distancing, 2020 has been a learning curve for everyone.

As your customers return to your business, they may not know about the new policies you have implemented recently. This is why you need to effectively communicate with customers immediately — outlining any new expectations and guidelines. Then, take steps to enforce your policies if your customers refuse to comply.

1. Train your team members on your guidelines

Regularly meet with your staff to discuss any new policies you have added or modified. Explain what is expected of your employees and customers and what happens if shoppers refuse to comply.

Make sure your team has the power to refuse service or approach a customer who won’t wear a

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Take your school to the top of the class with a .college domain name

Everything about your school’s online presence starts with your domain name. It’s the address of your institution online — make it stand out with a .college domain name.

Your domain is the name that students, faculty and alumni will need to recall in order to easily find your school online.

To attract the best and brightest students to your institution in today’s connected world, it is crucial that your school stands out to them in this way. Many students’ first stop will be researching online when choosing their ideal educational fit.

Schools that have an inviting and memorable online presence have an advantage when appealing to prospective students.


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