Announcing the improved Domain Investor app and Bulk Search experiences

The wait is over. You can now take advantage of a faster, more modern Bulk Search tool and purchase aftermarket domains directly from the GoDaddy Investor App.

First, our Domain Investor app. Now, whenever or wherever you are, you can take full advantage of GoDaddy’s Domain Auctions, giving you access to the largest domain inventory in the market. From searching to bidding and checking out, you can now use the Domain Investor app! No need to log into a computer for additional steps as the entire experience is synced to your account.

Don’t have the app yet? Get it here:

Next, our Bulk Domain Search tool. We completely revamped both the appearance and the performance of the tool. Buy one domain or hundreds of domains at a time. What’s new:

  • Streamlined experience – from search to check out, an intuitive experience without recommendations for additional products
  • File upload – our
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Google’s "Project Management" Certificate for enhancing a PM resume?

Google just announced they would be offering a PM course/certificate that would count as a 4-year degree

While I'd assume a good amount of us here already have a Bachelor's degree in anything and some relevant work experience how much more beneficial would this certificate be to someone who doesn't have much PM experience or is looking to bolster their PM career goals?

Total newbie who is transitioning out of my current role and trying to find an entry level project management position, hopefully after COVID subsides. I'm also currently working on my 35 hours of study as requested by PMBOK.

Side Note: Would it be better to pay for my own PMP exam as opposed to finding a company that will help pay it for me? The latter is becoming increasingly difficult.

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7 tips for creating pin-worthy Pinterest images

If your business or blog isn’t using Pinterest, you could be missing out on hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands of potential page views for your website. Pinterest has been and continues to be a huge driver of traffic. And what’s the No. 1 way to drive traffic via Pinterest? Creating pin-worthy Pinterest images, of course.

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Benefits of using Pinterest for business marketing

Before we go any further, let’s explore why Pinterest is so beneficial for business marketing.

A lot of people are hanging out on Pinterest

According to Hootsuite, “Pinterest is now the third-largest social network in the U.S.” While it’s important to note that Pinterest is more search engine than a social networking site, some people still consider it a social media platform. And, with 88 million MAUs (monthly active users) in the U.S., it’s a great place … Read more