Bianca Shakinovsky: An Astute Leader Committed to Deliver Innovative Flooring Solutions

Leadership is not about title or position; it is about responsibility of empowering others. Successful leaders believe in making a difference in the lives of others. The same leadership when it’s paired with passion, can turn vision into reality. An embodiment of one such exemplary leadership is Bianca Shakinovsky, the CEO of Pentafloor. Bianca started Pentafloor in 2005 with Larry Shakinovsky, with the main aim to supply affordable, high quality, flexible access flooring solutions, together with superior quality floor finishes, to a wide range of projects of all sizes in the commercial, hospitality and residential sectors. Since 2005, this venture has grown exponentially.

Keeping Everyone on the Same Page

The journey of Bianca has not been a walk in the park by any means. She says that to have one’s fingers on the pulse of the business is of utmost importance. There are many aspects to the running … Read more